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Published: 24 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am writing in regards to the contracts my husband signed with Hilton Tax Consulting on 9/21/17 and 9/29/17. We have not been satisfied with the services this company has claimed to provide. My husband who is 69 years old and thinking of retiring was looking desperately for a solution to pay for an internet business we had decided to try. When he was contacted by Jim Wood from Hilton Tax Company he was told that we would have FREE tax preparation for both our business and personal taxes for LIFE. | This was very appealing to my husband. He would not have to worry about tax preparation anymore. Jim Wood told my husband that he could file quarterly and in order to recoup our business losses we needed to file by the end of the third quarter. He explained we could recover ALL of our losses from 2017 which were quite hefty. Jim Wood said we had to sign the contract right away to make the deadline. | My husband was pressured into signing the Hilton Tax Consulting contract the same day. | What Jim Wood told my husband is a LIE! According to Hilton Tax Consulting’s own accountant at AmeriTax Financial Services and the IRS we cannot file until we are profitable. Jim Wood used this to coerce my older husband into paying for Hilton’ services. We were not contacted by Hiltons tax company AmeriTax Financial Services until after the 3 days passed to cancel the contract. In fact, for being so critical to hurry and file by the end of the third quarter we were not contacted until 10/30/17. | Also, according to Hilton’s tax company, they were only contracted to do our taxes for 1 year NOT for LIFE like we were told by Jim Wood. Another LIE told to my husband. The second item that made this company appealing was making our LLC into a corporation and create funding for us so we could pay off our credit cards and have money to invest in the business. We would have a 2-year window to pay off this loan without interest. When my husband was contacted by Kelvin Jacobs of Hilton Tax Consulting he told my husband it was 18 months interest free on the loan. So, which is it Hilton Tax Consulting 24 months or 18 months? | On 9/29/17 my husband received a call from Jim Wood stating that we had been pre-approved but the bank wanted a business plan. Jim Wood wanted $4,000.00 for the needed business plan. My husband was held hostage by his demand because he had already collected $8,000.00 and according to the contract could not cancel after 3 days. Its seems very suspect that Jim waited until after he could not cancel to tell him that an additional $4,000.00 was needed to complete the financing. This had already been paid for with the original $8,000.00 on 9/21/17. Hilton Tax Consulting would not move forward without the additional $4,000.00. | For a 69-year-old man nearing retirement he was an easy target for the lies he was told. He entered into this business agreement in good faith. He entered into this trusting the verbal agreement given to him by Jim Wood. The business plan Hilton Tax Consulting created for us was done under the wrong business name and would have been worthless had we proceeded forward. Again, the lack of trust was already gone and their work was awful by all standards. My husband was continuously reassured by Jim Wood that we could trust this company due to our previous experience with a company called The Tax Club. | Also, we had been the victim of other online schemes so we remained very skeptical. He verbally promised my husband that they were an honest and forth coming company. When we reached out to Hilton Tax Consulting our concerns were addressed with Jennifer who stated we were not entitled to a refund because the services had been fulfilled. We have no taxes, no funding and apparently have no further recourse. We tried to speak to Jim Wood our original contact to confront him about the personal guarantees he made to my husband over the telephone. Jennifer said we were not allowed to speak to Jim Wood and she would handle our concerns. | That’s the exact opposite of what Jim Wood told my husband when selling him over the telephone. Its contrary to what Jim Wood stated saying he would always be available to address any concerns or problems we had. Since we were not allowed to speak with Jim Wood we asked to speak with the owner Jodi Sullivan. Again, we were blocked from speaking with anyone except for Jennifer. My husband would like to speak with Jodi Sullivan and Jim Wood to find out why he was lied to. | Why did Jim Wood say he could make our LLC a corporation and not add it into to the contract? Why did he promise our personal and business taxes would be done for LIFE when we now know we only paid for 1 year of business taxes? Why did he tell my husband we could file in the third quarter and recoup our losses when we cannot by law? | For someone that paid $12,000.00 we have questions that need to be answered. With all the lies told to us during the sales process we have been completely duped by Hilton Tax Consulting. You cannot speak to anyone but Jennifer so your concerns will not be addressed. I would suggest anyone that enters into a business agreement with Hilton Tax Consulting should cancel immediately. Due to the unfortunate circumstances, we have contacted the Nevada Attorney General and Better Business Bureau. Both my husband and I tried to work this issue out with Hilton Tax Consulting by all means possible. | All attempts have failed and we were basically belittled by them. If you research Hilton Tax Consulting on the Better Business Bureau you will find a similar complaint that was filed on 1/08/17 where an individual lost $28,495.00 to Hilton Tax Consulting. If you bring this to their attention I am confident they will deny all accusations. They might even tell you that Jim Wood is no longer with the company which I would highly question. For someone that is the alleged sales manager I am sure Jodi Sullivan is aware of his business practices. Hilton Tax Consulting will tell you lies over the telephone and then fail to deliver on their promises.

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