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Published: 20 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I setup an a free 30-day account at hitslink.com which is owned by a company called netapplications.com. Its for analytics on my website. i wanted to try their service out before I buy. I get a notice on the 19th of July that my account expired. I go to use my credit card to charge for their service fully believing that I was singing up for a $9.95 professional account. the tranaction never showed me what i was being charged. I check my bank records later than morning and find that they have charged me $149.95. I immediately put in a help desk ticket, no more than an hour after this transaction requesting a refund all the while trying to find out what happened. I get a message back from them that states yes, the professional account is $9.95, but were charging you based on traffic to your site and then they refuse to offer me a refund. So the charge hasn’t even cleared my bank yet, i contacted them immediately and explained the situation, and they refuse to give my money back? Don’t waste your time with these people. If you see Netapplications anywhere or Hitslink run as fast as you can the other way. These people are scammers, and i honestly believe they are duping people out of their money with their fine print or sneaky way to charge you 15 times more for an account that they say is only $9.95 a month. To put salt on the wound, i contacted Netapplications and spoke with Nicole,what a piece of work she is! She tells me that she would rather have a chargeback than issue me a refund. Yet she says she has a refund policy, but wont give me money back. Well I contacted my bank and I’m sure they will take care of this for me without any problems whatsoever.

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