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Published: 18 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

On 8/20/2012 my wife took me to the Emergency at Hoag Hospital, Irvine as I thought I was having a Heart Attack. My vitals were checked and I was immediately admitted for further tests. During the process my wife & I were visited by an administration person to fill out endless paperwork and to confirm that I had Medical Insurance. I said I have Part “A” thru Social Security and covered by Anthem Blue Cross PPO. The lady said that was great. Last we saw of her. During the next 2 days I was put thru a battery of tests and visited on different occassions by 2 of the on staff Drs. By the afternoon of the second day, it was determined that I was suffering from 3 severe Hernias.That decided I was released on 8/21/2012. On Sept. 1, 2012 I receive several EOB’S from Anthem Blue Cross for my stay at Hoag. I contacted Anthem Blue Cross questioning them WHY DID YOU PAID ANYTHING on this claim. The lady said Hoag had submitted claims and they paid them. I again asked why as I was told my Part “A” coverage would be billed as I was admitted thru the Emergency. The lady aske me to hole while she contacted Hoag about the billing and Hoag’s response was that I WAS NEVER ADMITTED to the hospital. I said to the Anthem Blue Cross Rep. thats weird as I have the paperwork when I was admitted. She said to forget it as they paid $3,8322.00 towards the total of $8,298.00 and my portion was $525.00. On 12/27/2012 I receive another EOB from Anthem stating that they paid another $2,539.00 towards the Hospitals bill. OK then on 1/14/2013 I receive an invoice from Hoag asking for another $425.00 for my stay. I write several letters explaining that my out of pocket should have been close to $0 had they billed Social Security first then Anthem. The bills kept coming and my letters IGNORED. I finally went in person to Hoag, Irvine and was directed to a peron in the billing dept. to explain my problem. After looking at my records from the hospital, she said they NEVER billed Social Security, but would put thru a billing to them. Again after sever months and additional letters to Hoag, that were IGNORED, I call the billing department only to be told I WAS NEVER ADMITTTED, I was only held over for observation. Well now is that NOT A BUNCH OF BULL S*????? and they did invoice Social Security, who turned the Claim down, but I was not able to have any proof from Hoag that they did invoice Social Security. OK, I then call an 800 number to set up a payment schedule for the additional $425.00 at $25 to $50.00 per month and was told they could not accept payments, but would send me some paper work. A few days later I receive a bunch of forms from them asking for my wife & my last 2 years financials, which I wrote anoter letter explaining that I was NOT looking for CHARITY, and to please find enclosed my first Payment of $50.00 towards their bill. Several days pass and on 7/29/2013 I receive a demand notice from MEDICREDIT, INC. for the full amount. I called them to explain that I have been trying to work out a payment schedule with Hoag and was told collections were now in MEDICREDIT’S hands. If I wanted to make payments to MEDICREDIT I could but if the bill was NOT PAID within 30 days they would report me to the Credit Companys. This morning I go on line to look at my checking account statement only to see that Hoag has cashed my first payment of $50.00. Now I am screwed as MEDICREDIT do not believe me. I wrote them a response today 7/30/2013 sending a chech for the difference, a copy of the cancelled check, and basically saying they had better not report me to the credit companies. We will see. I realize that this is a long RIPOFF REPORT, and the bottom line is that HOAG HOSPITAL saw that I had excellent medical insurance, and that they could receive a larger payment on their inflated bill by going to Anthem Blue Cross instead of billing Social Security first. GOD help us when OBAMACARE goes into effect and us Senior Citizens are faced with Medical Bills. As others have said, jet the Senior Population in America go without as they are OLD and NEED TO DIE. .

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