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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Extremely poor management even up the ranks through upper management. Current management slashed budgets dramatically (cheaped out) skimping on mulch, flowers and this past season, we did not enjoy our lavish Christmas lights throughout the community. Vital services to residents, including failing to secure contracts with Snow Removal Services for the Winter season of 2013-2014, which is imperative for the safety of all residents and a requirement to continually keep all roads clear and passible for Emergency Responders. Services to residents were cut, long time staff was cut all the while raising their rents and demanding yearly rent increases through the Rent Control Board, even though the submissions to the Board were loaded with errors, incorrect rents where listed and facts on the new sales, bringing the old rent to the new market rent we overlook for appoximately 14 home sales throughout the year. If your presenting the Rent Increase Proposal, at a Public Hearing, signed under the Pains and Penalties of Perjury, you must make every effort to insure your presentation is accurate. Yearly raising rent on seniors with limited budgets, forces seniors out of their home. Deminishing or slashing services to their community ammentities is just the opposite of why they bought into the community with lavish ammentities that they not only enjoyed, they were paying for. A Resident Formed Community Watch Group was disbanded by management after repeated reports and requests to pursue eviction action against a resident who knowingly allowed her non-55 year old Federally convicted drug dealer son to live in her unit, beyond the fact he would not pass a criminal background check; nor did he meet the minimum age requirement of 55, which was set forth by the Town of Rockland Zoning Board which in 1979 zoned Leisurewoods as a 55+community. So management violated the rules of the company and violated the Zoning Board ruling by knowing and allowing this resident’s son to remain living in the community, with ABSOLUTELY NO REGARD to countlesss, frail, elderly senior citizens that he was taken advantage of. Current and higher management almost took no action against a previous manager who was later found to be involved in Child Pornography. Higher management had a directive to fire him, and he chose to disregard his directive and then ultimately had to return to the property several hours later and fire that manager. Management and upper management proudly retalliated 3 of the 4 employees at the time, firing one, with no previous written or verbal warning, (calling employee on his personal vacation to discuss matters with him upon his return) another left after several accusations of the possible theft on an unsecured personnel file and even after said file was found, no apologizes were given to all staff members the manager repeated and viciously accused. Managment’s community newletter was littered with grammaticle and punctuation errors, not carefully written, carefully written, proof read and kept brief and to the point and just like the Rent Control Submission, loaded with embarassing errors, from what should have been a professsional manager who obviously continues to pay no attention to detail. DON’T BE FOOLED BY THEIR CORPORATE GREED! CORPORATE GREED! And management is not currently fit, properly trained, or professionally trained to be running the property they way it should be run, with the lavish ammentities the homeowner’s were proud of and took pride in their community. Not just how much can I cut out of the budget to increase my bonus for me!

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