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Published: 30 November 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

on my family vacation at ocean ciy this year , i bought my family a chooper at hot topics oc. this chooper was a gas motor. i paid 500 for the cooper. the cooper came in a box so we took the chooper home to va and put it together. after riding it four time up and down our street it started making a loud noise. i called they store and the mager ram said we would need to bring the chooper back to oc. i was not happy with this but it was a gift for my four kids. i had my husband miss work to bring back this chooper. after we drove for 4 hour to the store we get there and find out the the guy ram had been let go. i had call prior to arriving to make sure someone would be there to give us a new chooper or fix this one. sirg the guy that sold me the chooper said he could not honor the primise of ram. after a long converesation with him, he agreed to look at the choopr. he stated that he found a screw in the motor, he stated that it was from the maufactor. we brought the chooper back to va., road for a day and that night aroung 10pm we all where in bed and the kids wake up to hearing the chooper start, there was no one out side it started on it own then caught fire burning and melting all wires. we where very lucky that no one got hurt but i feel ripped off and don’t wantthis to ever happen to anyone else. please help janet bruce and family. Janet Manassas Park 20111, VirginiaU.S.A.

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