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Published: 12 July 2019

Posted by: Thembelani Puwana

Good day, I would like to lay a complaint about house & home greenacres port elizabeth, south africa. On the 28th september we have bought a bed from them and a lady by the name jill helped with the sale. when we asked her when we will receive the bed she said monday. comes monday the bed is not delivered, no call, no feedback from them as to why and we had to call them at the shop to get feedback of “there is no stock on this bed”. thereafter they promised that on friday the 6th they will deliver as their stock will come on thursday the 4th. On friday the 5th oct still we did not get our bed, we then drove to the branch and the lady who helped us was on sick leave, we received another lady who said they were sorry for the inconvenience. she then went to find information about this bed and told us that the supplier says on thursday next week they will be making the delivery and house & home will do our bed delivery on friday the 12th oct. we told her that we do not mind the wait till then, and we would like the assurance that the wait till next week friday is a sure thing. she assured us that the supplier has given them the word. On friday the 12th oct in the morning we call the branch we got the sales lady jill, and she said she is watching the screen as the supplier deliveries are coming in that morning to the warehouse. at that point I was confused, because last week they said thursday the warehouse deliveries are made and friday they will deliver. but in any case I asked her when she will give me feedback, and she said by 13:00hrs she will call. At 13:05 we called jill and she went and spoke to someone else behind her querying about the bed and delivery, she came back to us and said there is stock and the warehouse will deliver either today or monday. we then pleaded with her that we do not want monday give the warehouse word that this needs to be delivered today and also told her if not delivered by 16:00hrs we would come to the branch for our money. At 16:22 we got to the branch and asked for the sales manager (very bad service we received from him as well). we explained our grievances and he went to check for this bed info and came back to us and said there is no stock and they have not received deliveries from supplier the past two weeks. mind you this bed is still on display for more customers to buy! At this point we called jill to explain what was happening and why we received false information. this turned out bad because she does not remember well what she has promised or said accurately on the call. we then asked the manager what is to be done now, because we need our bed, he advised that we can wait for next week when the stock gets delivered or get a refund. we then told him there is no way we are waiting for another week being assured with no certainty of delivery. He went to check on if they have cash to refund us and came back to say we need the slip to get the cash and we gave gave him the delivery receipt they gave us upon purchase of the bed. he said he needs the receipt given to us which was a till slip not the delivery one, we then told him that this is the only paper received and no other receipts received. he told us to go make an affidavit saying “we have lost the receipt of purchase”. we asked him how is it so easy for us to be doing the run around while we are not at fault while the shop has not delivered on their promises. and we asked him do they not keep copies as we know most retailers do, he said this was kept in the archive. I then asked him to go and get the archives and get the receipts because we know the date and time this was made. he told us that this is not possible to do. This is where we then also told them we cannot lie to the commissioner of oath and say we lost something that we were not given in the first same place. he worked away from us and left us with jill sales lady, with no work as to where and what he is going to do. we waited a while and asked jill what was happening and she said he is not coming back. we asked jill to go get him and also ask if we write the following on the receipt will it be sufficient for them to give us our money back “h&h did not give us the receipt and has asked us to make an affidavit to say we have lost it and this is to put it down that we did not receive it, they are also unable to look into their archives to get the copy thus the affidavit to get our refund.” she came back to us and said this is not enough even the bank transactions we showed her are not enough. we then also worked away and went home. We are now sitting with two problems, no bed (do not know when it will be delivered, and if it will be delivered), second problem we have no receipt to get refund other than the delivery customer invoice (unless if we lie under oath and say we lost the receipt). Please help! Michael [protected]

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