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Published: 24 May 2017

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I recently tried to purchase a ceiling mounted UTV gun rack (Big Sky SBR-2G) from I Run Guns’ American store as their Canadian counterpart did not stock the item. I had ordered firearms from this company in the past and had had no issues, but this was the first time I had ever ordered an accessory. They offered the item I was after for a few bucks cheaper than the best price I could find on eBay so I decided to go with the cheaper option and went through with the purchase, boy was I wrong! The item cost $93.73 plus another $25 for “Express shipping” totalling $118.73 USD. (The eBay item was $95.99 +$10.59 shipping + $21.07 duties up front= $127.65 USD total delivered cost) After placing the order I was sent a confirmation email stating “once your order has been processed for export you will be notified to log in to your account and pay the GST and Canadian shipping”. I was disappointed to hear that they did not take the tax up front (like they do on eBay and as you would expect an importer/exporter to do), but what really confused me was the “Canadian shipping” portion of the statement. It sounded like things could get pricey so I immediately sent their customer service an email. I asked them to cancel the order and refund me in full if there were any further expenses that I had not yet paid for. The next day I received a call from Jason of I Run Guns, who informed that if I cancelled my order then I would be subject to a 25% restocking fee. I was shocked as I had literally sent the cancellation request within five minutes of placing the order and therefore figured no damage had been done. It was not as if the package had already cleared customs or anything. I kindly requested that the fee be waved in light of this fact and pointed out that I had made a much more expensive purchase (of about $850) in the past and would likely do so again in the future. Jason was unpersuaded and claimed that the automated system had already processed the order and he was not willing to swallow the costs of initiating a refund (like every single other modern business online does). Frustrated I asked when the expected delivery would be. Jason replied that the item should reach the I Run Guns warehouse in Canada in 3-4 weeks and would be shipped to me from there. He said that all orders are shipped together on the 15th of each month (which means that my order could not have been processed yet as I had placed it on the 8th). This means that if you order something from these guys on the 16th then it won’t ship out for a full month after which (for some unknown reason) it take 2-3 weeks to reach the Canadian warehouse and then another week (plus an additional shipping charge of who knows how much) to make it to your door. This shipping method might make sense for firearms which are probably a hassle to register and get through customs, in which case doing it all at once could be easier, but a simple gun rack should be able to ship immediately directly to the customer as it would from Amazon, eBay and literally any other online store! I was amazed by the audacity of Jason and whoever is in charge of I Run Guns LLC. They expected people to pay for shipping an item from one of their warehouses to another then wait to be contacted to pay an unknown shipping fee in order to have the item delivered to your door. If the shipping turns out to be much more than expected expensive; too bad because they will keep 25% for cancelling your order. Disappointed dsaf I shop online all the time and have never come across such archaic shipping and cancellation policies. I could only image how a return would go down! I informed Jason that I needed the item long before their estimated “Express shipping” date and thus had no choice but to cancel. He reminded me of the 25% restocking fee. I told him that if he did not wave the fee then I would never make another purchase from I Run Guns again. He said “That’s fine” and couldn’t care less. Today I received an email notification confirming that $95.30 USD has been refunded back onto my credit card. I Run Guns LLC has now lost a customer for life and hopefully also the patronage of all my friends in the firearms community and the Canadian Forces (of which I am a veteran of) to make a measly $23.43. I tried to make a complaint on the BBB, but not surprisingly I Run Guns LLC is not BBB accredited. I will be contacting my credit card company to have the remaining amount reversed. I have never dealt with such a petty company with total disregard for customer loyalty and warn all others that no quarter will be given should you ever make the mistake of dealing with these guys. Too bad for them because the next gun I’m looking at getting is a .50 BMG in the $5000 price range, but certainly not from I Run Guns. Well done Jason. Wise choice…

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