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Published: 23 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I joined Kris Karafotas’ IBOtoolbox in January 2019. After setting up my account, Im promoted it to a large database and signed up several hundred accounts. Then I upgraded my account to the Clubibo $19.95 per month so I would receive 50% commissi0ns from the members I referred. In January 14 accounts bought ad credits and I acquired $700 in commisions owed me the following month according to their terms (see reprinted terms at bottom of report). | In February 4 more bought ad credits owing me an additional $200 in commisions. In February I bought $1000 ad credits for myself as we planned on launching a collaborative banner program with the 20 referals I brought in who bought or earned ad credits. | Of the $1000 Ad Credits I bought and recived there was another $500 ad credits I paid for but never received them. I started 2 support tickets in late February. 1 ticket for the commisions I had yet to receive and 1 ticket for the $500 in ad credits I never received. | The IBO support desk address is www.ibohelpdesk.com/support/home | As of this writing I have never received a response. In March I started pestering Kris Karafotas about my missing credits and owed commisions. I sent her email, and got no reply. I reached out to her on Facebook and got blocked. I posted my complaint on the IBOtoolbox wall to her directly and got my account terminated Not only did my account get terminated, but she also terminated the accounts that I brought in who had bought ad credits. This is the reasons she terminated us on our accounts “REASON: Multiple Accounts | Suspicious Activity | Cheating the System ” | After extensive research into IBOtoolbox’s banner advertsining service, pointing to our IBO profile pages where we installed legitimate 3rd party tracking (Google code, along with several others) the page widgets all agreed with the traffic, that being the only treacking was our own members testing the tracking. Registerting a total verified visitation over 30 days of 6 vivists. However IBObanner ad stats reported visits in excess of 20,000. These stats are just total fabricated lies. | Kris Karafotas makes many false advertising claims on the front page of IBOtoolbox among them this claim, “Over 300,000 visitors each day” and this claim ” IBO AD network has over 1.5 million ad views each day” Yet when checking with other professional 3rd party reports like Alexa and Worth Of Web they report far different stats. The facts are IBO receives 12,000 visits a day and 62,000 ad views a day. And these numbers are crashing. For report see: www.worthofweb.com/website-value/ibotoolbox.com/ | IBOtoolbox is conducting out right fraud. I am shocked no one else has filed any reports here. But there are plenty of negative compalints on the Internet like; | steemit.com/marketing/deborahwilliams/ibotoolbox-review-and-analysis | and | www.warriorforum.com/internet-marketing-product-reviews-ratings/1025892-ibotoolbox-question.html | and | zerotoaffiliatehero.com/ibo-toolbox-i-had-zero-results-read-my-review | There are plenty more if you do the research. | When filing a chargeback with Paypal against IBOtoolbox, I received all moneys spent without debate because no one at IBOtoolbox bothered to respond to the chargeback. | IBOtoolbox is a fraud, sells false banner traffic, steals your commisions and if you file a complaint deletes your account.

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