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Published: 07 May 2018

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IF ANYONE TAKES THE TIME TO READ THIS WHOLE POST – YOU WILL PROBABLY SAVE YOURSELF A LOT OF HEADACHES BY NOT DEALING WITH I CLOUDCENTER I purchased a script based on a description of the script’s functions on icloudcenter.com – $89.00. I installed it correctly. I had an issue with the wysiwyg and was told they needed to do the install to fix it – $39.00 After 1 week, after fixINg the wysiwyg, setting up the script, adding Terms, etc. etc. I asked where I could find the admin section that controls the PRINTABLE “voucher” issued to a purchasing consumer. Here is the email string of those following conversations… BTW – UNFORTUNATELY, until this happened, I was unaware that Paypal does not protect purchases of scripts, software, etc. that is downloaded – at all, ever, no matter what. So, I have learned the lesson and only lost $128 – save yourself – no matter who you deal with, use a credit card NOT Paypal. Paypal has become a tool of these fraudsters. I have only included the pertinent email string – it has continued for another 10 or so back and forth, but this guy takes responsibility for nothing. I say this, because Alexander keeps saying in his current emails to me that Paypal refused to let me “steal the money from him”. Actually, Alexander – YOU KNOW VERY WELL that it’s just their policy, and I can tell you that, even with friends high up in Paypal, I could not get this refunded – NOTE TO SELF: USE A CREDIT CARD!!! The bottom line: 1) Their description was inaccurate and deceptive, and the innacuracies were material to the script I assumed I was purchasing. 2) They have a 30 day guarantee, which was not honored 3) ICloudCenter has $128 of my money with no intent of refunding HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED AFTER I INSTALLED AND THEN PAID FOR THE WYSIWYG FIX: At 04:48 AM 5/21/2014, iCloud (Alexander) wrote: Hi, Peter! It is installed. we removed text checking in text areas of Privacy policy, Terms and Static pages. It’s possible you really had there hidden special characters, anyway now it’s working fine. Alexander ************** On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 3:05 PM, Peter Coloyan wrote: OK – I just processed a sale, and that works fine with Paypal, and it was for a hard good that would be delivered to the purchaser, but, am I missing something – HOW does the system process / issue a voucher or gift certificate purchased for immediate download and use? Or does it? I can’t imagine a Groupon “clone” without that functionality, so I must be missing something. Is this NOT a functionality of your script? Thanks Peter ************** At 08:10 AM 5/21/2014, iCloud (Alexander) wrote: We never said it has vouchers. We can develop for you any feature you want for additional cost. Thanks, ************** On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 3:28 PM, Peter Coloyan wrote: No, YOU didn’t, I agree. It was an assumption on my part based on the description of the script. Do you have that as an available “plug in” for an additional cost? I assume you have done it before and can add it to the existing scripting very quickly (which I need) – and at what cost? Thanks Peter ************** At 08:44 AM 5/21/2014, iCloud (Alexander) wrote: No we didn’t do it before, strange, but people didn’t order it. we have to develop it and it will take a few days. Please explain what exactly you need and I’ll tell you price. Alexander ************** On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 4:23 PM, Peter Coloyan wrote: Well, When a customer buys a restaurant / services voucher, there should be a way that that voucher shows up in the sales and also in the customers account so they can print it (generated pdf??). The voucher codes should be 8+ letters/numbers long and issued by the syystem. The vouchher shoould be a standard size maybe 8 1/2 x 11 inches less margins (7 x 9?) for standard paper printing, contain the site logo and there should be a field, when entering the item for sale, for “Voucher Instructions”, which print onto the voucher. In the customer’s account, there should be a way to note that the voucher has been printed (with date), the option to re-print, and the option to mark it used (by the customer). The voucher / voucher code information should be available in the sales reports. Also, a “vendor”, with their information, should be able to be able to be attached to each deal, and should be assigned reporting / sales. Sounds like too much needs to be done? But, you can get more for this script if done properly, as it stands now it is really only good for a single company selling their own products only, not really for a deals site like a Groupon. Go to GetSocio.com, open a trial account, and see what a real Groupon clone site needs. I think you could do it (definitely can be done with php) – you may even be able to see the php code there to make it easier. Peter ************** At 09:25 AM 5/21/2014, iCloud (Alexander) wrote: We can do it for $850. Alexander ************** On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 4:46 PM, Peter Coloyan wrote: Alexander, What does this mean? (from your online description) ICGroupDeals is a daily deals and group buy site script like groupon, grouper… where site users can view the product for sale, product price and other details. Site users can purchase the product with paypal payment system and print the coupon page. This… “Site users can purchase the product with paypal payment system and print the coupon page ” Where is the “coupon page” that can be printed?? That may be what solves my issue. Thanks Peter ************** At 10:42 AM 5/21/2014, iCloud (Alexander) wrote: This is very interesting as this feature were never exist in the script. Apparently the person who created description mistakely copied it from some another place. We just removed it. Alexander ************** On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 5:59 PM, Peter Coloyan wrote: Okay – Well, that person mislead me. The other thing is it is very deceiving to compare it to Groupon as that is one of the core features of a Groupon clone. I can’t use the script – please process a full refund for script & install fee, which would not have been necessary if it was described properly (I would not have purchased). I will still consider your other scripts, which, hopefully, have accurate descriptions. And you may want to consider making the changes I recommended to your deals script. Thanks Peter ************** At 11:28 AM 5/21/2014, , iCloud (Alexander) wrote: OK, if you want to go this way (I think very unfair), I’ll have to check it in depth. I’ll reply you tomorrow. ************** On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 7:34 PM, Peter Coloyan wrote: Alexander, Actually, what is unfair is the amount of time I have wasted thinking your product would do something it does not, because of mis-information that you are now seemingly unwilling to take responsibility for, and then you trying to get $850 to do something that you claimed it would do (the majority of what I asked was for the coupon issue.) And, for which I could buy a much more robust, complete script for $150 more than yours. I did yours to save money, not spend more. If you put mis-information on your site, and I purchase based on that mis-information, you had better honor your 30 day refund policy, today, for the entire amounts paid, or I will process a refund through Paypal, and it will be a forced refund and Paypal will reflect your account as providing misinformation. I will get a full refund one way or the other – if you wish me to go through Paypal, I would say you are a very bad business person..I have removed the script from my site, and have already purchased the more expensive script mentioned. Very easy lesson – don’t be misleading with your advertising (YOU are ultimately responsible for what is on your site, so know what is there!) and you will have happy customers. Listen, I’ve been online since 1995 and I have bought dozens of scripts for my sites. I may still buy some of yours IF they do what I need, and what you say they do. The choice is yours – can I use the Deals script you have – no! Could I potentially use others of yours – probably, but you need to do things right by me, or you will definitely regret it, I can promise that. And, I will get my refund through Paypal – I KNOW that! If I do not hear back from you that you are processing both refunds, I will begin the process through Paypal, and the posting of reviews of your service.. Peter ************** At 01:31 PM 5/21/2014, iCloud (Alexander) wrote: It’s just unbelievable, this morning we spoke like friends and now you want to be our first enemy! There were no any misinformation on our site. User can print deal page and use it as coupon. The page has discount rate, product title , all needed. As a compromise I can propose you to develop printable version of that page. ************** On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 11:18 PM, Peter Coloyan wrote: No, I would NOT have purchased! User can’t “print deal page and use it as coupon’ because that is not how a “site like Groupon” would work. And that is not what your site indicated. It indicated that the script creates a coupon for the purchaser to print – AND IT DOES NOT! I do not want the Deals script from you – I have moved on. No more excuses, and no compromises. Please refund my payments ASAP or I will simply process through Paypal as “Merchandise not as described” – and I do have a screen shot before you  changed the description. You can’t do what you did. Even if you truly didn’t know about it and “someone else” listed the description, it is your responsibility to make sure that the description is 100% accurate, not mostly, not 90%, not 99% – 100% accurate, because, the bottom line is I WOULD NOT HAVE PURCHASED. Others might, I WOULD NOT. It has nothing to do with friends or enemies, and that is simply a long acknowledged stall tactic of web scam marketers anyway. If you were a true, above the board, honest business, I would have not just my refund already, but an apology for the time I HAVE LOST. BECAUSE OF YOUR  MIS-INFORMATION. No more delays. Just refund my payments – that is all I want and will accept. No less, no more. If I do not see the refund in process, I will just claim through Paypal and that’s it. I don;t need to send you one more email. I’m done. Peter ************** On Thu, May 22, 2014, iCloud (Alexander) wrote: We want to make meeting about your case. I’ll reply you in 4 hours. Of course, he never intended to refund, so just another stall tactic. .

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