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Published: 29 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

I had always lived comfortably in the place i loved to call home. That was until 2 years into my comfortable home did i finally snap. I had already encountered quite a few issues but i ignored them to keep the peace, it wasnt until i woke up at night for a sip of water only for a tickle on my toes of a rat the size of a small bat had its little (6 inch) tail carressing my toes. i yelled at the top of my lungs, and ran back inside( my fridge is in the garage). I had already experieced a rat problem for the past six months you see, but i calmy awaited the agency to fumigate the garage that was home to these disgusting creatures. 3 months, promises to come and get rid of them but nothing. this dragged on for three more months only with me nagging 6 times a day, pleading them to fix this. They called maintenence and set a few glue traps and called it a day. My three dogs got rashes and bites at the belly from these things. my daughter who adores the dogs, got swelled hands and dark spots that flared red when anything was put to clear the. She said they burned and itched from inside. after a week, the fevers started, then the vommiting, after that pink eye, black mucus and swollen tonsils the size of softballs. i took her to the doctor, and after a heavy session of antibiotcs cough medicine and blood draws, she got a little better. my dogs however, were still sick. i lost two of my family dogs because i couldt afford the treatments, which was also a result from my rent spiking 75 dollard more each month. I had to make the hard choice of putting them to sleep. It was devastating. That moment i drew the line. I had already been through enough with this agency! i’ve stood aside when the sinks dripped black gunk and my house reeked like a sewwage unit, when the windows were thin and full of gaps in the dead of winter and the heater was busted, when from those thin windows old and weak,to whichi broke my finger. When the water pipe busted in my yard and there was a mess, to which i had to pay the fine and costs of repair! I stood by all of this and more. This agency had screwed me over a million times. and im sick and tired of my last family puppy giving me the present of a pile of 4 or more dead rats that resemble new york sewer rats on my porch. This is ridiculous. I have never been put through this and demand something be done. IE rentals, is one of the most disgusting, vile, inhumane agencies with the treatment of a dictator to their country. They steal my money, have me living in a moldy, rat infested filth with the cover for a 3 bedroom 1 bath “remodeled”” family home with a rotting tree in the front yard and rats in the garage that eat everything and leave poop everyhwere along with a few piles of newborn vermon to further the community of rats that abide in the garge.”

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