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Published: 20 December 2019

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There comes a time when people who work hard in the community or the entire nation are recognized. The best performers are either recognized by different organizations, the city, the society, or the national government. Due to their hard work, they are genuinely awarded, and this creates a sense of appreciation. These people are given awards as a way of motivating them so that they can feel appreciated by others, and this shows them that what they did was not taken for granted. People have been doing great things in the world. Starting from being best in field events, being the best in academics, portraying excellent leadership skills, campaigning for various human rights, doing wild things in their careers, preserving the environment, among others. When one is recognized and awarded, he or she feels motivated, and they aim at doing much better in the future.

They become role models to many people, both grown-ups and the young generation who work hard because they would like to be like them. They become significant examples in the nation as almost everyone talks about them both day and night. Those who surround the role models feel good as they are part and parcel of their success. Who would not want to be associated with great and successful people? You will want to be close to the role models because, as time goes by, you will turn up to be a replica of them as they will have shown you the right paths to follow.

On the contrary, there are people whose names appear in the list of the recognized people through ways that are not genuine. Most of these people often use shortcuts, and at times they bribe the list makers for them to be given a chance to be on the list. Such acts should be condemned because it is equivalent to robbing somebody else their opportunity to be awarded for the work well done. When these people are bribing for a chance to be awarded, they always aim at being famous. Such people should not be tolerated in the community. Once their wicked acts are found out, they should be sentenced to life imprisonment or be fined a lump sum amount of money. By so doing, people would learn from them, and the world would turn out to be a better place for all humankind.

Ilana Golan was once awarded alongside other forty women. In the year 2016, she was awarded as one of the best female international keynote speakers, and I feel like this award was not genuine. Since the year 1996 up to 2019, Ilana Golan has been awarded more than eight awards. These awards start from being an excellent commander in the Israel Defense Forces to being the best speaker. Ilana Golan, being awarded as the best keynote speaker, is laughable because she lacks the professionalism required for one to be branded as a keynote speaker. 


Ilana Golan was born in Hadera, Israel. Currently, she resides at Beit Yitzhak, Hamerkaz, which is in Israel. Ilana Golan went to the University of Tel Aviv. She is married and has two beautiful children. Ilana Golan has several businesses that she runs in different parts of Israel. Among the many companies, Ilana Golan had a company called Golan Ventures, and she is the chief executive officer. This company helps Israel citizens who live in North America startup and become successful. The company is recognized as the bridge of innovation.  

Ilana Golan is an F16 flight instructor, and she was the first female commander in Israel to work with the Israel Air Forces. Apart from being a groundbreaking F16 flight instructor, Ilana Golan is also an entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses. She advises companies and organizations on the ways that they can use to reinvent their businesses. According to one of her articles on Twitter. Ilana Golan says that if companies reinvent their businesses, it would be easy for them to get market and fit in it. Ilana Golan once worked at Wissozkky Tea Limited 

Besides, Ilana Golan is a keynote speaker who aims at being booked to speak in different events that are held by companies or by individuals. The idea of Ilana Golan making many posts seeking for opportunities to be hired as a speaker does not create an appealing impression.

According to me, people who are known to be the best keynote speakers are not supposed to parade themselves everywhere, advertising their work. Instead, if they believe in themselves and they know very well that what they offer is worth being hired, they should then sit back and relax. They should not fill posts begging to be appointed to speak in different events. The many positions in various social media platforms are a clear indication of how desperate these keynote speakers have become.

The reason why I am saying that the keynote speakers should hold their horses is that their excellent work will market them. The many posts are only for the upcoming keynote speakers who are trying to capture the attention of people and seeking followers. For those who are well known, the posts are not necessary though they should post precisely when inviting people to different conferences. Even without advertising themselves, people will be looking for the left, right, and center as they try to secure chances and making appointments. They will make long queues as others would not hesitate to make calls when trying to book the keynote speakers.


If we take a look at Ilana Golan, you will realize that she is among the many desperate keynote speakers who have blossomed from nowhere. In this generation, people are exaggerating everything in every single chance they get. The young age is taking advantage of every single successful step they make each day. Instead of focusing on making more success stories and supporting those who are younger than them to make the appropriate steps, they are doing the opposite. The few success stories are changing them into motivational speakers who have just one thing to quote as their when talking to people. The title of a keynote speaker is losing its value every day. The primary reason is that the rate at which people are becoming speakers is alarming. In a few years to come, there will be more keynote speakers than listeners, and I wonder how things will be run.

On twitter, Ilana Golan makes posts different things, and it is funny how she minutes later asks people to check the twits she posted. The followers who are indeed willing to learn from her can easily trace her twitter posts even without reminders to check. One does not have to make endless posts begging people to check and read their posts. It is simple, posts whatever you want, and leave people to read and comment as they please. i believe that we live in a free world, and no one should be on your neck, forcing you to do things according to their ways.


Once in life, people seek advice from those who are doing an extremely significant thing in society. We end up attending endless meetings and even researching on different social media platforms to learn more about the next step they should make. We also believe that those successful people, especially the keynote speakers, hold the key or the password that is required to unlock the doorway to success. In some instances, when I attended different sessions that aimed at helping us grow and flourish in business, I ended up learning absolutely nothing. I had given up and had promised myself that I would never attend such sessions as they were wasting both time and resources.

One day dawned like the other days, and I came across a post that invited people to listen to Ilana Golan speaking about how companies and individuals can grow. From the description, the meeting seemed more realistic and useful to everyone. The meeting was being held in a nearby town, and curiosity got the better part of me. I thought that it would be better to attend the meeting. Because I hoped it would be a little bit different from the previous sessions that I had participated in in the past. I held my hopes high, and finally, I decided that I would attend the meeting. I made the needed prior arrangements, and I paid the necessary bills. 

The day came, and I attended the meeting. Indeed it seemed properly arranged as everything was in its right place. People from different races and religions came to listen to the life-changing event. The time came when Ilana Golan stood at the podium, and her sweet voice echoed in the entire meeting room as she spoke. People were attentive as they knew that their many questions would be answered as well as learning new things. We made notes now and then for future reference. As she continued speaking, she started mixing her life stories with business growth strategies. I did not relate how her life experiences, which she narrated bit by bit without leaving details, was to benefit us. 

Ilana Golan shared with us very many obstacles that she encountered when she started her career as a flight instructor. She went ahead to narrate to us how she dealt with every obstacle until she conquered all those barriers. My big question is, how does that benefit us? Remember that all the people who had attended the meeting had different careers and very different business ideas. It did not augur well with Ilana Golan telling us so much information related to flight-related things. The entire talk was suitable if only she had delivered it to the right audience, preferably students who are pursuing courses related to air services. Ilana Golan is not professional at all because she does not understand even the simple basics of how to handle the audience. She should first learn to interpret the needs of her audience and make prior arrangements. 

After the meeting was over, I regretted attending the meeting because most of the things that I listened to were just a waste of my time. I did not get enough information as I had wished for, and this made my terrible attitude towards the keynote speaker double. The things that I learned about being a flight instructor and the obstacles to expect when in the field are useless and total crap to me. Imagine the pain I felt in my heart after using my money to pay a person whose agenda was to fill our minds with bullshit. I know some of you can relate to that experience.


After all that is said, I believe that people will be able to discern the real keynote speakers from the fake keynote speakers. People have come up with different strategies to get some income. Those who are already employed or have their businesses are turning out to be greedy. Their lust for more money is increasing every day.

A significant example is Ilana Golan, who, despite being an F16 flight instructor and managing so many businesses, which I believe earn her a lot of cash. She still salivates in becoming a keynote speaker. I have no problem with her being responsible over all those titles, but it attracted my concern that she should not, by all means, parade herself as a keynote speaker. The primary reason being, being a keynote speaker does not fit her.

Ilana Golan lacks the content, and her level of professionalism needs to be upgraded. She should focus on what she had trained for because I believe she is excellent in her work. It is better if the remains as a flight instructor and nothing more. Also, she should focus on running multiple businesses.










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