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Published: 10 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Apparently there was a picket today outside of IMI/World Perfume in Tempe, Arizona. That picket did help raise awareness to a fake perfume scam they are running out of that office. This illegal company scams people into believing they have just landed a great job where they will soon be running their own office…they just have to finish their training, hit their goals first. They keep the new recruits out on the streets selling fake perfume. They keep the training scam going long enough to get you to sell as many bottles of their fake perfume as possible. Now if you want the real stuff, no problem, they will order it for you. Just give them your money from your friends and family and wait for it to arrive…keep waiting because it’s not going to arrive as that is just another part of their scam…they just got you and sucessfully scammed the people you care about too. Once you figure out their scam they drop you like a hot potato. I know some of you are reading this and wondering who to believe. Well I know something about this company from past experience. Believe me. I am the voice of reason, just a concerned parent. I never worked for these people, so I have no motive other than that of genuine concern. I am a mom. I am a mom who cares. I care because my child used to work for them and was almost detroyed by their sick games. I care because I know many of you do not have a family who is their supporting you, so I will support you now. I am glad that picket took place and I hope whoever reads this joins in and helps to eventually shut their fake bussiness down. This company and your new leaders will try to convince you that they care. They do care. They care about you selling as many bottles of their fake perfume as they can manipulate you into selling. Thye do not care about you, only about their money. When you are all used up, they will mock you on your way out the door. They exercise Classic mind control techniques. First, they alienate you from your support system and try to replace your friends and family with themselves. They keep you out on the streets and out of the state moving around so they don’t get caught, long hours and coherse you into their “”group think”” so you no longer think for yourself…build a person up and give them positive feedback… as long as you do what they want you to do. When you make the mistake of thinking for yourself they will try to break you down, only to build you back up when you behave as they want you to…in other words sell more fake perfume with a euphoric smile plastered all over your face. Do yourself a favour. Give yourself permission to spare yourself and the people who care about you. This is a nightmare and some people do not make it out. Some people get robbed of all their cash. Some get robbed of more. It is a dangerous game with many sick consequences. I wish to spare all of you from playing it. Trust your gut. If you can’t trust your gut, then trust me, just about this one thing. They will use you up and throw you away. Get out now while you can still think for yourself, while you can still rebuild your life and have something real and beautiful.

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