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Published: 15 June 2019

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Impact Knowledge Institute UTAH: Salespeople very dishonest, high pressure, lie about the products and services. Coaches are useless for the price paid. On April 10, 2013, I found a program on the internet called First Choice Home Income Plan. So,I thought I would give it a try and pay the $97. After signing up,I got a call from Impact Knowledge Institute. The salesman said that they could help me start my own online business through coaching. Did not give me much detail. First thing he wanted to know was how much credit I had available because he kept on talking about using “other peoples money”. He said that I could have my debt paid off within a few months if I did everything they said. He basically said that they would “hold my hand” and walk me through the process of setting up an online business. At first I said no,I can’t afford that. The salesman was pressuring me saying that I could easily pay my debt off within a few months, so I went ahead with it. The price of the coaching sessions and access to the webinars was $4250. He did not bother to mention that I would only get 1/2 hour coaching sessions once a week. If I knew that, I would have never signed up. I found out how much coaching I would get after they had my money and by that time, it was too late to cancel. McEwen Consulting, total of $1900 and then another $550 on my credit card. The name on the email receipt is Success Team charged me $1800, but neglected to send me a receipt. Also, the webinars are teaching people about a method called retail dropshipping. This method infringes on the copyright law. They are teaching people to take pictures and text off of Walmart or any big box retailer and try and sell the item on Ebay using pictures and text copied from Walmart. I received an email message from Ebay telling me that my listing has been removed because it was a copyright violation. I cannot believe this company is allowed to teach selling methods such as that. Also, I signed up for something called Supplier Source, website, which I believe is owned by Impact Knowledge Insitutue. They basically told me that I would have access to suppliers that are very difficult to work with. He specifically told me that in order to work with these suppliers, I would have to buy a plane ticket to go down to the US to meet with them and pay a large investment. He assured me that they will work with me if I sign up with Supplier Source. Well, I got a list of suppliers and he completely lied to me. You do not have to buy a plane ticket to meet with them in person or pay a large fee to work with them. I was totally deceived by this company. When I signed up for the program, there were 2 different companies that took money out of my account. One company was McEwen Consulting and the other company was Success Team. Those are the names on the withdrawals. I believe they are all the same company. The contract that I signed had another company name, which was Advanced Education Online. The address on the contract for Advanced Education Online was a different address than the one on file with the BBB, which I found to be very suspicious. After I signed up with Supplier Source, my coach talked me into getting an L.L.C. He told me that I would need it in order to deal with suppliers in the United States. He did not give me any info about what I would need to know. I did not know about the tax implications of owning an L.L.C. So, I went ahead and set one up, then I found out about all the income tax implications, which I was not informed about earlier. So, I did not want to deal with the headache and I went ahead and cancelled it. This alone cost me alot of money, in total $665.00. If I had known about what was involed in owning an L.L.C., I would have never done it and I believe it was up to Taylor to provide me with more information. Please help me get my money back from these people. I felt I was taken advantage of and lied to. I need my money back. As I told the salesman in the very beginning, I cannot afford the amount of money that they were asking for. I just wanted to give you some more information on the webinars I was provided with. It contained information you could easily find on the internet for free just by doing some simple research. The only thing I could not find on the internet was retail dropshipping because they were teaching me to copy and paste text and images directly from Sears onto my listing on Ebay, which is copyright infringement. I also did contact the company before filing this complaint and they refused to give me a refund.

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