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Published: 03 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased a 2006 BMW X5 4.8is from your dealership located at 8710 Kincheloe Drive Manassas, Virginia on Monday June 1, 2015. I am requesting reimbursement for my enormous repair cost that I have incurred and continue to incur since purchasing this vehicle. I bought the vehicle based on the integrity of the dealership. On Tuesday June 2, 2015, I took this vehicle to a BMW dealership in Silver Spring, MD and had my vehicle checked out not just for MD State Inspection items but overall well being of the vehicle (I have attached the MD State Inspection results and the cost estimate provided to me). According to BMW it would cost me upwards of $12, 000 dollars to just repair the items to pass inspection. The items identified as issues during this visit to a repair shop were listed as: Alignment Right Rear and Right Front Rims are bent New tires Lower ball joints for thrust rod need replacing (2x) All rotors are rusted Left Front Daytime Running Light out Rear Defroster Button Missing Drive side mirror housing damaged Vehicle Burning Oil Both valve cover gaskets/upper timing chain cover/snowman gasket leaking oil Left inner CV Boot torn Total Repair over $12,000.00 On Tuesday June 2, 2015 after receiving the estimate of vehicle repairs and cost from BMW I called Imperial Auto and spoke with Jason (Identified as the General Manager). I discussed with him the issues that were discovered with the vehicle and he asked that I forward the inspection failure document to him so he and his service manager could review. Jason stated after the review they would get back to me with what they would be willing to help me out with regarding the issues with the vehicle and the cost. On Tuesday June 2, 2015 at approximately 5:30pm after not receiving a call back from Jason as promised I called Imperial Auto back again and spoke with Jason and he stated his service manager would be in the dealership in 45 minutes and he would call me as soon as he arrived to discuss the issues with my vehicle. My vehicle was returned to me after inspection by BMW on Wednesday June 3, 2015. On Thursday June 4, 2015 I took the vehicle to Ormsby Auto located in Rockville MD. Since I had not heard back from Imperial Auto as they promised and this is my only vehicle I had to come up with and pay $3,070.00 to repair the required items to pass MD State Inspection and get the vehicle into safe operational mode. The following items were identified (Document of repairs also attached) as essential to pass MD State Inspection and the overall functioning of the vehicle in a safe manner so that I could drive it. Both front axles replaced Both Front Brake Discs replaced Both rear brake rotors Right rear engine mount Both valve cover gasket sets Replace bulb for daytime running light The vehicle remained with Ormsby Auto until Monday June 8, 2015 to perform the repairs required. On Wednesday June 10, 2015 I had to take the vehicle back to Ormsby Auto due to knocking sounds coming from the vehicle, exhaust smoke emanating from the rear of the vehicle, the tie pressure light remaining in an ON status and although he windshield fluid was filled in the vehicle the error message is ON and remained on. On Wednesday June 10, 2015 I was required to leave the vehicle so that additional diagnostic could be done. On Thursday June 11, 2015 I was advised by Ormsby Auto that, I will send the estimate upon receipt and pick up of the vehicle today (6/11/2015): Right Front Struts needs replacing TPMS sensors (2X) need replacing Crank Case Ventilation Connecting Lines/Pipes need replacing. These additional repairs are estimated to cost me an additional $3,000-$4,000 dollars to get the vehicle in running order. I paid $10,072 in cash for a vehicle that I already had to spend $3,000 for essential repairs and this cost does not include what I will need to pay for taxes, tags etc.. and now I am looking at another $4,000 in repairs. Raphael and Bobby both advised me when I was purchasing the vehicle that if there were any issues that come up with the vehicle to let them know and they would assist me. I was repeatedly told that we are a family business and we have no problem assisting when there are issues with one of our vehicles. On Monday June 8, 2015, I reached out to Imperial Auto for the 3rd time as it had been 1 week since I purchased the vehicle. I was forwarded to the sales representative Raphael. I spoke with him about the issues with the vehicle and what went on with Jason and he advised in his words, “When you purchase a care we don’t just say oh well Ms. D. purchased a car and now we are done with her”. He assured me that he would share the information with the owners and see what they could do and he would give me a call back. As of this writing of this letter Thursday June 11, 2015 I have not heard from anyone from Imperial Auto.

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