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Published: 01 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Very Horrible service! I’m tried many phone calls/emails and it seems like nobody want to call/email me back! I’m cancelling my membership immediately! I’ve been throwing away money since March for nothing! I am handling these matters on my own due to lack of communications to kriseigenbrode, Rob from Effective today 1.28.2015, I will be withdrawing from the Infinity Comsumer as well as Credit Shield Program. I’m finding that communication is very poor within this company, and the red flag was with the 2 pending lawsuits that I have to manage myself after Kris had supposedly be working on them for over a week, but nobody called me with updates. I am finding another service to help, or I will handle this myself and speak directly to the creditors. For example: Amanda Mcarthur Jan 12 to Rob, kriseigenbrode Hello, I have both the Capital One and the Discover matters resolved. I spent about 10 minutes on the phone with each company. to resolve this matter. And being summons……oh yeah, I didn’t not appreciate that at all! Discover would only budge and drop the court date if I scheduled a down payment on the 30th of $1330.00, and pay $150/month after that. I offered to do the the $100/month with the $1500 I’d put down in March, and they said that is not allowed if I don’t want to go to court. So I scheduled the $1330.00 and the future payments. They also mentioned they never received the ‘Disclosure’ forms to give them permission to speak to you. Not sure what was going on…….being they also had to get permission from Infinity/Credit Shield to be able to speak to me to set up arrangements. Stupid! Discover is sending me a copy to sign and send back to them so that way no future court dates will be appointed and it’s dismissed. Capital One, or Blatt, Hassenmiller were more scattered brained. I set up the arrangements with them easily, but they said I would have to notify Credit Shield and somewhere the papers would be exchanged??? They’re not sending me anything….And again, in their defense they told me they returned your call on Wednesday, but from there the ball was dropped. Not sure again what is going on, being when I spoke to the lady LaShea she didn’t seem to know her head from her butt to put it nicely. I’d like to have those papers by Wednesday if possible, but I’m not sure what she’s referring to by contacting Credit Shield. Second Off: (email address removed by admin) Jan 12 to me I wanted to let you know that I did get your email. I put a feeler out to Rob in response to the last part of your email. I am not sure why they are making it seem as if I dropped the ball. Crazy thing is all of our calls are recorded so every attempt was inadvertently saved. So we have record of the numerous messages and attempt as well as a record of the fax showing it went through “ok” with the time and date stamp. Crazy. Glad that you were able to clear things up and sorry I wasn’t more of a help. I will get you the answer as soon as it comes over from Rob on the latter part of your email. Now, are any of the other accounts I have listed in the program refusing Credit Shield? I’m told all the time they are processing, but Blatt, Hassenmiller and Blitt/Gaines refused them repeatedly it turns out. This way I can work something out prior to being summoned. ( I HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING FROM YOU SINCE THAT EMAIL WAS SENT ON JAN 12) Communication really seems to drop the ball here, and when I’m being summons to court on the same day, that’s a read flay! And I felt I handle most of the outcome myself to get the payment arrangements. Effectively immediately, remove me from the program. I’m better off on speaking to the creditors along and get things done in a more timely passion, rather than keep hearing ‘oh the case is process with the other creditors. I’m sorry, I can give you an A for the BBB. Unless you can come up with a plan to prove to help me out more, forget it. Thank you, Amanda Date Type Payee Description Method Amount 12/31/2014 Payment Secure Account Service SAS Auto ACH – $ 12.50 12/23/2014 Payment Credit Shield Trust Payment to Account Manager Grid Pay – $ 270.17 12/18/2014 Deposit Deposit 5 Auto ACH $ 141.33 12/05/2014 Payment Secure Account Service Change Fee (12/5) Auto ACH – $ 10.00 12/04/2014 Deposit Deposit – TWICE MONTHLY (December) Auto ACH $ 151.34 12/01/2014 Payment Secure Account Service SAS Auto ACH – $ 12.50 11/19/2014 Payment Credit Shield Trust Payment to Account Manager Grid Pay $ 0.00 11/14/2014 Deposit SKIP Auto ACH $ 0.00 10/31/2014 Payment Secure Account Service SAS Auto ACH – $ 12.50 10/17/2014 Payment Credit Shield Trust Payment to Account Manager Grid Pay – $ 270.17 10/14/2014 Deposit Deposit 4 Auto ACH $ 141.33 10/01/2014 Payment Secure Account Service SAS Auto ACH – $ 12.50 09/30/2014 Deposit Deposit – TWICE MONTHLY Auto ACH $ 141.34 09/17/2014 Payment Credit Shield Trust Payment to Account Manager Grid Pay – $ 270.17 09/12/2014 Deposit Deposit 3 Auto ACH $ 141.33 08/29/2014 Payment Secure Account Service SAS Auto ACH – $ 12.50 08/29/2014 Deposit Deposit – TWICE MONTHLY Auto ACH $ 141.34 08/19/2014 Payment Credit Shield Trust Payment to Account Manager Grid Pay – $ 270.17 08/14/2014 Deposit Deposit 2 Auto ACH $ 141.33 08/01/2014 Deposit Deposit – TWICE MONTHLY Auto ACH $ 141.34 08/01/2014 Payment Secure Account Service SAS Auto ACH – $ 12.50 07/09/2014 Payment Credit Shield Trust Payment to Account Manager Grid Pay – $ 262.67 07/03/2014 Payment Secure Account Service SAS Auto ACH – $ 20.00 07/03/2014 Deposit Deposit 1 Auto ACH $ 282.67 Account Balance: $-25.00

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