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Influencers Tips

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Published: 01 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On Sept. 19,2019 in the AM I received and advertizment from whom I believed was T-mobile our current cell company provider, stating that I had won either an new Samsung or I phone of my chosing, to which I selected the link on this ad to recieve the free gift. | When I linked to this offer on my phone I was prompted to answer a few questions for data hey would need to ship the gift I had won as stated in their ad on my phone. They also besides my address to ship the phone gift to(a Samsung s10 that I had selected) along with my credit card number to both verify my identity and charge a $1 to $5 max charge for the shipping fee of my new phone to be delivered. | I reviewed latter that same day a charge of $1.12 placed on my credit card and thought ok it wont be long before I recieve the phone. On sept. 23 2019 I happened to be looking at my banking account activity, balance… and noticed that an additional $55.32 had been withdrawn from my account by whom I gave more attention to whom made the initial charge of $1.12 on Sept.19 2019 the I assumed was for the shipping cost for the gift T-mobile would be sending me. | I called t-mobile and asked them what they knew about this phone giveaway… which they responded with knowing nothing of any phone giveaway they were involved with and or any affiliation or autherization with to conduct this buisness with anyone. | Tmobile advised they would place in there system to be flagged for spam, blocked as a scam and so on. I called pay pal to advise I wanted a new debit card with them, cancelling my old one that had information of me for any future fraudulent charges on in making the unauthorized charges on my account has cost me an additional $64.00 in overdraft charges had places on my pay pal debit card while pay pal is currently investigating for their unautherized and fraudlaunt charges on my pay pal card. | They have temp. placed the $1.12 and $55.32 in my pay pal account to validate my charges made against So I am unclear of my outcome with the monies lost to but did e-mail them and canceled the monthly fee of $55.32 had already chrged me and can only assume they would continue charging me for an membership fee for i dont know what service, a phone I will not recieve and shipping cost along with the overdraft fees my bank charged me for these unespected charge that made to my personal account. | What I do know is that is not autherized to make offers for free phone giveaways as T-mobile and gets debit card numbers from unsuspecting persons seeing their fraudulant adds with no intent to refund both the shippping fee or the first months membership fee with that was never disclosed with their intention, purpose of making these withdrawls on my account. | My purpose for making this report is hopefully to save some innocent person the fraudulaunt, unautherized and certainly unlawful charges made to other persons responding to whatever changes will adjust with their scams since t-mobile has flagged them for using whatever credibillity t-mobile may have with this bogus offer presents their intended victims. | A littler wiser for being victim at a financial loss to these scumball scammers for this wisdom. Michael

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