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Published: 18 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

ISG: My Personal Response to ISG Rebuttal Update: CDIF entered into an agreement with ISG based on several conversations and verbal promises. CDIF also agrees with ISG that the contract they use does not require them to do anything of value whatsoever, no matter what you have paid. CDIF painfully regrets doing business with ISG and, we do advise any company owner to proceed with extreme caution. ISG has asserted that Daniel Thompson was involved in a Pump and Dump, this is a slanderous assertion, which indicates a measure of ignorance. CDIF hoped to hire a very professional, successful, promotion company to advertise our change in business model hoping to increase public awareness for CDIF as a result. The Company, nor any Officers or Directors have now nor in the past, any stock to sell. Next, the rebuttal asserted that Daniel Thompson was involved in some sort of scam – normally the person that wires $15,000 isn’t the one running the scam… Mike Maley is most likely the author of the rebuttal; he is listed as the President of ISG and claims to be the attorney for ISG. My first contact with him is when he called me to request that I have Mr. Thompson remove the Rip Off Report. It was in this conversation Mr. Maley outlined for me exactly what he intended to do if the report was not taken down. This included asserting slanderous statements, smearing CDIF’s name, Daniel Thompson’s name and now my name. I asked Mr. Maley “are you threatening me?“ his reply was “of course not, I am simply trying to avoid a bad situation”. I told him I felt CDIF had been scammed, that we were part of a bait and switch and I encouraged him not to hide behind a “crafty agreement” and simply refund the money (something most of us would do in this situation). He refused, giving all sorts of bogus reasons why he could not do so. Mr. Maley knew I was not an officer or director of CDIF at the time the agreement was signed and the Rip Off Report was filed; the fact that he included my name in the rebuttal reveals his motives (actions speak louder than words) and speaks volumes for what I am now reporting. Not only has Mr. Maley slanderously asserted Daniel Thompson was involved in a Pump and Dump and a Scam, he has also gone so far as to purchase the domain www.cardiffinternationalinc . He bought this domain prior to calling me on May 28, 2014. I was made aware of this when I received an email on June 3, 2014 from Mr. Maley. He indicated in this email that, “In the meantime, ISG owns domain name, and would be happy to turn that over to you once we have something in writing… (I would attach the email but this format doesn’t support doc files.) I was shocked when I received this email… What attorney actually buys CDIF’s domain name in an attempt to blackmail the officers and directors of the company? Second question, “what attorney is naïve (or arrogant) enough to purchase the domain with their real name and admit to it with a track able IP address while attempting to blackmail the officers and directors of CDIF?” I leave it to the readers to form their own opinion. In closing, once you wire ISG money (they do not take credit cards) your money is gone… No matter what they do, good, bad or ugly. Typically, the sales people will sell you one story and their contract will tell a completely different story. When you read the contract and question it, they will say “we have to put that in there” but don’t worry about it, we are going to do everything we promised”. My advise is: Do your thorough due diligence, get a copy of the agreement, have your SEC Attorney review it, record every conversation (with their knowledge) and whatever you do, call as many reference as you can.

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