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Published: 03 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to see Jarrod Sierocki to get some help with my business the next thing he has my money and put my business into bankruptcy with his liquidator friend Peter Dinoris from Vincents. He lied to me from the beginning to the end and so I took an investigator with me to his office for a meeting he was very evasive when asked questions and became very abbusive when questioned and his whole persone changed from Mr nice guy when I first starting dealing with him to a vial snake that is was a true word smith until he gets caught out. He even admits in a recorded meeting that he has committed a fraud with my liquidation and would he like me to ring the liquidator to discuss this further. Basically Jarrod bullied me in to dealing with him to get my money then screwed me over, I have read and followed the recent court cases between Jarrod and other individuals regarding defamation against Jarrod and Insolvency Guardian. AllI can say I wish I would of been alerted to this guys scams and conduct prior to my dealings wth him. What I find ironic is how in the hell he was awaded a payout when quite clearly he is all and much more of what was published about him. I have since discussed my case with John Maloney of AFSA the Australian Financial Securities Authority and he assures me that Mr Sierocki, Insolvency Guardian, Peter Dinoris or Vincents and many other associated insolvency businesses are under a strict investigations and he has assured me that serious charges will be followed through with against Jarrod Siercocki as they have more that 13 client file cases under final investigations to do with false and misleading bankruptcy frauds. This matter has been referred to the commonwealth department of police prosecutions and they have stated that Mr Sierocki will be charged on mutiple occasions of fraud and will possibly do several years behind bars. What I find ironic is why this man can run a defamation case succesfully and win when clearly he is a criminal even all the further investigations I have carried out have turned up more informantion on Jarrod Sierocki and his lawyers Russells Lawyers who acted for him during the defamation case now have legal action against Mr Sierocki for failure to pay his legal bills relating to the defamation case. I guess they got screwed as well by the master screwer Jarrod Sierocki. My investigator and I have tried to talk with some of the people Jarrod sued but the main man won’t talk as he has no faith in the lawyers that represented him or the legal system that failed him and would not grant an ajournement whilst he was undergoing chemotherapy for brain cancer, although the attornet generals office is now investigating this further and may step in to fix this issue. All he said was that from the day Jarrod Sierocki entered his life his life was spun into a negative downward spiral of chaos and that this guys has cost him his home, business, family relationships, friendships, clients and his health. He said hopefully justice will be served when AFSA finalise there case investigations against Jarrod and Insolvency Guardian he said he will have one last chance at justice when he will have a sobpoena issued by AFSA for him to give evidence against Jarrod and Insolvency Guardian in pending criminal charges. Once he is charged he will go for a claim as a victim of crime then start a law suit against Jarrod Sierocki and his businesses for personal and business damages. He did provide us with some contacts of previous victims details and Jarrods ex bosses well after speaking with them I was shocked by our findings, one young family man who went to Jarrod and Insolvency Guardian for help with some credit card debt and credit file defaults he was bankrupted by Jarrod when he questioned Jarrod why had he done this he said don’t worry this will be all over in less than 3 months you will be annulled and I will then clear your credit file defaults you will be brand new, well this gets really bad for this guy his bankruptcy was for less than 20k after more than 18 months this young guys father passes away with cancer and leaves his sons approx $170,000 each from his life insurance and estate well guess what this Peter Dinoris of Vincents the bankrutcy trustee took the whole lot when he was questioned and asked why he was taking all his fathers will money he was told thats life the $170,000 has been absorbed in my trustee fees. This was this mate of Jarrods, Peter Dinoris from Vincents he seems like another nice piece of work, a real honest trustee I can now see why AFSA have him on the radar as well. Then we spoke with two of his previous employers and the first one said he could sum Jarrod Sierocki in a few short words one of these was that he was a true dishonest waste of oxygen, that whilst he worked for him he stole goods to do cash jobs on the side or for friends for debts owed by Jarrod. The other empoyer said he did not want to waste an energy on thinking or talking about Jarrod as all he remembers about him is his scams including buying cars on his credit card at his mates auction yard then having them trucked down to his factory where Jarrod would then replace the odometers with lower milage ones and then sell the vehicles to his next level of victims. He said he was paying Jarrod a large salary he would then get hit up by Jarrod for additional funds to pay bills and credit cards etc. He also went onto say that whilst Jarrod was meant to be acting as his GM he was actually busy working on building his new business Insolvency Guardian on his time. His words were not polite or appropriate to publish online, but i can honestly say the words he spoke were not nice and were damming against Jarrod Sierocki. His partying words were that he hates him and hopes he never has to see or hear from him again because he is toxic and works hard at ripping people off and destroying good people. All I can say is I hope justice is served and AFSA do the job they are empowered to do and charge and jail Jarrod Sierocki for all his crimes and fraud, I have listened to my audio recording between Jarrod and myself over and over again and all I can say I was also another victim of this smart dressed trashy dressed corporate scam artist. My recommendation is don’t trust Jarrod Sierocki or any of his lies that your read about him being the victim his is not the victim and the Supreme Court judges got this very wrong and the judges that rulled on his record defamation payout are complete incompatatant twats. But we all know the legal system is run by bigger scammers “lawyers, barristers and judges” and their Freemason buddies. My last word to Mr Sierocki is come clean, stop scamming, lying and ripping people off as this will catch up with you as it is right now, spare a thought for the stain you will live on your loved ones faces and reputation when you are charged and jailed as the real truth comes out about you. D day is nearly here for you Mr Sierocki and you will pay dearly for your dishoest dealings and lies. .

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