Integrity Realty & Lending Group

Integrity Realty & Lending Group LLC is a BIG FAT SCAM – KEEP AWAY!!!!!

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Published: 12 August 2017

Posted by: Richard H. Genest

If you have any sense, you will read this and keep the hell away from this firm that is apparently professional and committed to providing good service. This company is a joke. No, that’s not true. It’s not a joke if they are able to rip people off by the thousands. They’re just immoral bastards who will pay for their crimes against dozens of innocent people.
These people tell you that they are looking out for you every step of the way. They say they’re on your side in so many different ways, until you’re convinced that they are indeed looking out for you. And then when you trust them, they will kick you and make sure they’ve got your money safely within their reach. And then good luck trying to track them down to get back your money. This is without bringing in the hours you wasted on these assholes, back when you were still under the impression that they would give you the money you so desperately looking for.
In my case, I was helping out my daughter when she was settling down after college. She had moved from our home state of New York and I wanted to make sure she was alright before I went back home. She hadn’t really done anything this big or official on her own before, and I wanted to be there with her when she closed her first successful deal. I was also there because I knew that people are just waiting to rip you off, especially if they notice that you’re young and new to the whole concept of getting a loan and things like that. She was pretty glad that I was staying till things got finalized too.
So a friend of mine told me that he knew that someone had had a good experience dealing with Integrity Realty & Lending Group LLC. I was pretty new to that area, so I took his word for it. I should have checked it out further. I should have realized that he wasn’t the one who had personally closed the deal. I should have gone the extra mile and been cautious. Anyway, this just served as a great example to my daughter. I certainly hoped she learned that you can never be too careful when it comes to such things. I wish it wasn’t that way for her sake, but unfortunately it is, and I just hope she’ll be prepared for assholes like this next time when she’s making a big move on her own.
I spoke to this guy with a weird name. His first name was Mark, and because he spoke to me on the phone, I never did catch his second name properly. On the 22nd of February 2015, I talked to him about getting a loan to buy a house in San Diego. At that time, I was talking from New York. I had gone back home for the weekend, and I was hoping to surprise my daughter with the good news when I went back to be with her. He told me the load would be approved without any problem when I told him about my daughter’s job and her qualifications. He said her age would make it all the more easy to get the loan approved and I had absolutely nothing to worry about.
I was pretty happy with that. He asked me transfer $23,000 to get things moving. Now it had been a while since I had bought a house. So I thought maybe paying someone upfront was the norm in 2015. I didn’t want to appear ignorant about trends like that so I just got the payment done with.
I called him a week later to ask him how it was going. He talked very nicely on the phone. He told me that it was all but done, but they needed a bit more cash to serve as a safety deposit. I asked him how much money a bit more was, and he said I would have to pay another $8,300. The whole thing started to look fishy to me at this point, but I didn’t raise an issue like I should have. I just paid him the money.
That was it. He didn’t pick up my calls ever again after that. And I’d never met this guy so I couldn’t even track him down and meet him. I wonder if his firm is even legit. Assholes.

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