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Published: 13 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Wow, I found this website the same day when I had my first interview with International Marketing Initiatives, Inc. (Located: 1444 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 210 Miami FL 33132.). The most of the details (not only details) are exactly the same as many of contributors on other websites described. I will bold some of them-so other can skip this time sheering,pyramidal dishonest scams. 1. The Job add was all about Entry-Level Account Executive in Marketing 2. They responded (called me) very next day since I applied. 3. Website of International Marketing Initiatives, Inc. looks unprofessional (typos,photos,etc..) 4. In the email they telling how they represents numerous Fortune 100 companies 5. The office setting is as many described: small offices with few chairs,tables,two cheep framed paintings, Latin music playing from radio, around 7-8 young people waited to be interviewed, employees seems to be over the top pleasant and eye-catchy intimated with each other… 6. Interview were held buy young Polish girl (Karolina Paradka) and she was interview two persons at the time,asking very basic questions,been shady and not direct about position,structure of the job itself, but she was very “impressed” with resumes,attitudes,experiences…She couldn’t be more specific about job itself,when I asked,but she said that she also stated on the bottom level “and see her now” 7. After +- 10 minutes of chit-chat, she said that they will contacted in 2-3 hours only candidates who passed first interview (“no hard feelings”-she said). Of course- guy who called to schedule first interview called back 2 hours after initial interview (It is Mariusz “Matt” Paradka – husband of owner and CEO Karolina Paradka) to congratulate and schedule very next day the second one. On their website it claimed that Karolina Paradka hold multiple positions: HR Manager, Owner, CEO, Senior Manager… I’ll copy/paste emails I got from them,and than I will be more specific about people working there and also about their mother company ECM Acquisitions, Inc. whose website doesn’t work anymore (after numerous complains on the web) and they used to be located at same location as International Marketing Initiatives, Inc. – after they moved from New York City, NY. First email: Hi “naive candidate” Thank you for taking the time to send International Marketing Initiatives Inc. your resume. Your interest in our company is appreciated. We understand how competitive the job market is and are trying to get to each resume as quickly as possible. We see from your resume that you potentially have the qualities that we are looking for in a candidate. We are a sales and marketing firm that represents numerous Fortune 100 companies. We are seeking to fill our available Entry-Level Account Executive position with a positive, enthusiastic individual who works well in a strong team environment. We will be conducting interviews this week from Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 10:00am. and from1 to 3:30 pm To schedule your face-to-face interview, emails us your immediate availability at (email address removed by admin) or call directly at 305.490.5332 Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you! Thanks, The HR Team International Marketing Initiatives (email address removed by admin) 1444 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 210 Miami Fl 33132 305.490.5332 Addition to the first email was another one with directions to the interview: Dear “naive candidate” The following are the directions to your interview on “DATE” “TIME” with Karolina, the HR Manager. We are looking forward to meeting with you, and finding out if you are the right fit for the job! If you have any trouble getting here, PLEASE do not hesitate to call or email, and I will be happy to help! The dress attire is business professional. We are located at :1444 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 210 Miami FL 33132. We are right on the corner of NE14th St and Biscayne Blvd. We are pretty easy to spot from the road. There is plenty of street parking available 2-3 blocks west from the office and there is also a parking garage in the back of the building at small charge. Thanks, The HR Team International Marketing Initiatives (email address removed by admin) 1444 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 210 Miami FL 33132 305 .490. 5332 After that initial interview and after I received call from Matt Paradka to schedule a second interview and I got very same moment email from them: Congratulations on your First Round Interview! Dear “naive candidate” Congratulations on your preliminary interview! The HR Manager wanted to continiue with the interviewing process and invite you back for a second round, which is a full day job shadow. It’s a chance for the company to get to know your people skills, your work ethic and social inltelligence. It will be a chance for you to learn more about the company and upward mobility. Just to confirm:You will be meeting with our top Executive at the same Location on “DATE” “TIME” Please bring another copy of your resume and dress to impress. Good Luck!!! The HR Team International Marketing Initiatives (email address removed by admin) 1444 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 210 Miami, FL 33132 305.490. 5332 So, Google helped me a lot, prior this website to find “roots” of this scamers, liars, dishonest unprofessionals. This is what I found (hope that will help other people either to recognize them or the very same process either to avoid dealing with these people). ECM Acquisitions, Inc founded in New York by Eric C. Martin (West African guy who said on his LinkedIn profile that grew up and went to college in Paris, France and received Masters in Accounting). Here is Eric C. Martin have lame speech on youtube: . And here is the ECM Aquisition , Inc. profile with videos on youtube: They had “partnership” with AT&T and U-Verse. In addition to that new, reborn company International Marketing Initiatives, Inc. have clients like AT&T and Children International ( To be more illustrative here is the video of Karolina Paradka been promoted by Eric C. Martin (and encouraged to continue their business-spreading to Miami,FL) : . Beside Karolina, there is also a Russian guy called Igor Popov – CEO & Founder P.O.P Acquisitions Inc. (his company doing the very same thing) and here is the video of his promotion by the same people already mentioned earlier : Also, funny thing is that some of people stared with ECM Aquisition , Inc. still have this company titled as their current on their LinkedIn profiles,even they are working now for International Marketing Initiatives. For Example, Serbian girl Jovana Koprivica, but also two Asian girls Huiying Sun and Xingzi Elise Lin. Also find out that Nona Black – Founder at Black Operations, Inc. – is working with them. Very shady,dishonest,but not enough intelligent people doing this-craving for success and lot of money,taking advantage of desperate or naive people. Finally to recap and makes it easier for other people to spot and prevent their future actions ,once again here are the company names and people that you should BE AWARE OF: Karolina Paradka (International Marketing Initiatives, Inc. / ECM Acquisitions Inc.) Mariusz Matt Paradka (International Marketing Initiatives, Inc. / ECM Acquisitions Inc.) Jovana Koprivica (International Marketing Initiatives, Inc. / ECM Acquisitions Inc.) Huiying Sun (International Marketing Initiatives, Inc. / ECM Acquisitions Inc.) Xingzi Elise Lin (International Marketing Initiatives, Inc. / ECM Acquisitions Inc.) Eric C. Martin (ECM Acquisitions Inc.) Igor Popov (P.O.P Acquisitions Inc.) Anastasiia V. Popova (P.O.P Acquisitions Inc.) Nona Black (Black Operations, Inc.) Ryan von Uffel (ECM Acquisitions, Inc.) Hope this will be help out for some people. Think twice

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