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Published: 13 July 2019

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In Summary: Inventors Beware – I entered a written agreement with Inventors Launchpad to manufacture and deliver 200 units of my fitness product, in 60 days. With an additional 800 units to be delivered and paid for months later. I paid approximately $12,000.00 up front to first create a true pre-production sample and to manufacture and deliver 200 units within 60 days. Most importantly, the agreement states that if they are unable to fulfill the order in 60 days a complete refund will be given. In Detail: It was Adam Chavarria, the sales manager who first solicited me and knew that I was going to be placing an order to my current manufacturer in the next couple of weeks to meet my inventory needs. He and one of the owners Rick Valderrma insisted they could provide a quote in a week, which they did. We haggled about the price and the number of units to manufacture. They quoted me approx. 26 thousand dollars if I agreed to manufacture one-thousand units. I only wanted to produce 200-500 for a first time run with a new manufacturer to make sure they could meet my spec’s and quality. Mr. Valderrama and Mr. Chavarria came back and said in writing, I only need to pay 50% now and I would receive 200 units immediately and the remaining 800 units could be paid and delivered 4-6 months later. This made it affordable, and let me spread my payments over several months, so I agreed. The problems began as I waited patiently for several weeks to finally receive a pre-production sample on approximately the 90th day. Weeks and weeks of excuses were given for the delays by the other owner Carmine Denisco, who now tells me that I need to pay the remaining 50% balance before production begins. This is a complete bait and switch on what was quoted to me, in writing by his partners that he also was copied on via email. The sample I finally received on the 90th day, was Not to Spec. It was an Inferior Sample and not in my opinion a true Pre Production Sample. The spec’s are completely wrong as to what I was quoted. The sample was made with 31 mm steel, instead of 33 mm; and it came with plastic footers, instead of rubber, as was quoted. The smaller steel and plastic feet are much cheaper. Not only that, the sample appeared as if it was made with a hand drill, instead of a computerized lathe that punches out holes and cuts automatically as a true pre production sample should be! In short, I waited 90 days for a sample that should have taken a couple of weeks – and it was Not Spec’d accurately! Because of all the delays, and the extended length of time it took to receive an Inferior Sample, that isn’t spec’d correctly….I have asked for a complete refund, which I am entitled to based on the agreement for failure to deliver within 60 days. They have declined and insisted on the remaining balance. Unfortunately the best case scenario on the delivery of 200 units would be 150-180 days which is complete unacceptable by anyone’s standards. The agreement clearly states that they would deliver the manufactured product in 60 days or provide a complete refund. I believe a reputable company with integrity would stand behind their word and recognize, for whatever reasons, they dropped the ball and failed to deliver the product in the above stated time frame and issue a refund. Unfortunately they are responding as if I shouldn’t have a problem or reservation with their inability to provide the agreed upon goods within the quoted time frame. They have completely missed the timeline that was quoted. They haven’t offered any type of adjustment on the quoted price for the delays or acknowledgement that they have not delivered in the timeline that was quoted. Nor have they demonstrated any confidence to me that they can get the job done correctly, which is another reason I hesitate to give them any additional money or refer them to other inventors to use. The worst part of all the delays, is that it has caused a tremendous amount of damage to my business due to an inventory problem that was created because of their inability to fulfill the order on their quoted timeline. Mr. Denisco fails to realize that their inability to meet their quoted timeline has negatively effected my business. What I learned a few days before I receive my sample, on about the 85th day, is that Mr. Denisco is now asking for full payment, the remaining 50% balance, before manufacturing begins. This is Not At All What was sold or agreed to, but Mr. Denisco is trying to interpret the agreement in such a way and is asking for another $12,000.00 – yet he has still not provided a quality sample that is spec’d correctly, and we are at the 100th day mark. He denies that he knew about how the project was sold to me. Yet he was copied on all communication, and is now trying to say that I wanted to have 200 delivered and leave 800 units overseas and have them delivered later. This simply does not make any Logical Sense. Why would I agree to pay for everything and want to leave 800 units that are paid for overseas and pay two shipping charges? I couldn’t afford 25 thousand dollars at one time, which is why they told me we could deliver 200 units immediately, as amended on the agreement, and pay for the other 800 units 4-6 months later. I have asked Mr. Denisco repeatedly for a refund, to which he says they will not refund my money, nor has he recognized that they have failed to fulfill and deliver on their quote within 60 days, as was agreed upon. Feeling that they were not going to live up to their agreement and refund my money, I offered a solution to the problem and agreed to let them manufacture 500 units, as they had previously said they would, and had full payment for 500 units. My Only stipulation was that I needed an Independent 3rd party to inspect the quality of the product. They declined that option and are still declining to return my money and asking for the remaining balance. They have injured my business and hope they don’t get the opportunity to do it to another inventor or small business owner working in good faith to bring their product to market. It is a Breach of Contract, as well as, deceptive representation as to what services they could do. Basically they said whatever needed to be said in order for me to agree to do business with them. I have also recently learned that another business out of Arizona filed a complaint with the Tampa Better Business Bureau stating almost the exact similar deception and inability to receive a refund. The one thing I have learned is that even with written documentation to corroborate everything, to help you feel secure in your endeavors. Some people know it may cost you more money to take legal action against them, which is how they operate. I question their business ethics and business principles. I would stay clear of Rick Valderrama, Carmine Denisco, and Adam Chavarria, the three principles of Inventors Launchpad…aka…First Innovations Group….or whatever other LLC they have registered under. .

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