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Published: 22 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My worst experience with a Dr’s staff! No one in this office is personal or friendly. Even when I smiled and said hello, no one responds. My 1yr baby would wave and say hi and they wouldn’t even smile or wave back. The worst person in this office was with Clara, she takes care of LOA/Disability part. My complaint is about Clara and Debbie. Clara is impersonal, short, rude and incompetent. I mean, how hard is it to be personal over the phone, when you don’t even have the patient in front of you?! She Failed to submit my Disability 4 times, I went 5 weeks with no payment and a second time 5 weeks because of her. I had to go to the Disability office 3 times to follow up on my claim because they failed to correctly submit on 3 occasions, and she delayed submitting it once all together. Every time I spoke to her she would answer with an attitude even before I gave my name. I had called her on a Friday morning to inform her my Dr had extended me and she said “ok, I’ll submit it”; I was told in person by the Disability office the following Monday that nothing was submitted. When I called her on that same Monday, she told me “I will submit your claim when I get a chance”, “it’s not my only job, I do this in between patients and Fridays I go home early so I’ll do it today or tomorrow”. When I explained how important it is because the State can take 7-10 business days to process after they receive the Dr’s info and that I still haven’t received a payment for last 5 weeks because she submitted my claim wrong, her response was “that’s not my problem, I said I’ll get to it when I get a chance, it doesn’t make a difference if I do it today or tomorrow “. She didn’t care at all. When I told her she was rude and she kept talking over me, she blew up, she raised her voice and called me rude. I quickly corrected her and said no, I let you speak, I haven’t raised my voice or used foul language. She immediately said “I am done with you, you can speak to my manager”, I told her “I didn’t ask to speak to your manager but ok”. Believe me, this argument has been summarized, she was beyond RUDE, NEGLIGENT for retaliating and purposely waiting to submit my claim when it dealt with my family’s financial well-being. Just because she has the power to click a mouse and and submit a claim doesn’t give her the right not to do your job because you don’t like a patient. She abused her power and jeopardized my finances. CLARA is the reason I will no longer return to this office again. Debbie the manager is no better. I had my husband call so I wouldn’t have to deal with them and so that it would be a smooth call. They transferred him to Debbie and then she transferred him to Clara which was short with him and said she would “probably submit it today or tomorrow”. He called back to speak to Debbie, she got defensive because he asked why he had transferred him to Clara when he asked to speak to her. She told my husband not to be rude to their staff, which threw him for a loop because he didn’t say anything other than telling them my claim had not been submitted to Disability for a second time after 4 weeks. She lied and said it was because I had 2 last names, when Disability told me in person they only have to do 3 things 1) enter my SDI which is the claim , 2) enter a date, 3) enter the ICD (diagnosis ). The lady said they must be doing it wrong on purpose because it’s simple and anyone who’s job is to submit the claim should know you need the ICD code and date and that’s it. I feel this office has retaliated against me and has purposely caused me financial burden for 11 weeks (I have only been paid once in this time frame). Debbie had told me on 1/26/15 to call her and not Clara going forward. When my husband called on 2/18/15 Debbie told him she said for me to call and ask for her not him and she was rude to him. She said he was rude to her staff. When he asked how, she said he didn’t want to give his name which was not true. The lady asked for his name he said “his name” then she asked if he was the patient then he replied no my wife “My Name”is and that is what Debbie was referring to. This office has made no effort to be courteous or helpful only causing stress to me, and retaliating against me by not submitting my claim to Disabilty for a total of 11weeks with only one occasion in between doing it correctly. .

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