Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf

It explains the poor attendance of gamblers.

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Published: 25 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

At the Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf, the walls are thin, and I could hear people talking in the next room. I checked in and tried to rest for a while before going out to the casino.

It was not possible to fall asleep.

The low-maintenance rooms are terrible, televisions didn’t work, room service didn’t answer my calls, no shower caps, soaps and shampoos for bath use is a negative for me.

The staff did not care to have the television fixed before my arrival. Guests faced sleepless nights from the noise in hallways. Security was called and turned up half an hour later.

I had a sleepless night and complained to reception to have security come up and sort it out but nobody came to check on the noisy people immediately.

Housekeeping wasn’t helpful, or pleasant.

No value for my money here and the slow service of the Internet, annoyed me.

An isolated casino from shopping stores and restaurants.

No room service, and the basic service of coffee in the mornings, or tea and a muffin.

The overpriced stores were open but didn’t have anything for my money’s worth.

At Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf, they lack customer’s service and quality of food.

A price of $30 per person for a meal that is a ridiculous price.

The noise at night for a one-night stay disturbed my peace and I did not enjoy being disturbed. I paid a decent price for the room and expected a private and peaceful stay. A tiny room and bathroom for one person didn’t bother me as much.

They don’t serve meals in the day except for sandwiches and snacks. A poorly managed casino and with not much to offer to the guest.

There is no quality food at Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf and my stay here was dull and boring.

Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf does not have a smoking and nonsmoking area for guests, and this is an inconvenience for nonsmokers. Poor management and a lack of pleasant staff at Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf is another weak point for the casino staff. There is no organization for the arrival of guests.

The towels weren’t enough, and most prices were not affordable.

I encountered rude staff, and they are not interested in the guests’ services. There wasn’t a warm welcome at the front desk. I felt alone, and I was alone in this visit to Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf.

I did not see a smile on any face at the reception area.

The understaffed casino lacks customer’s service, quality of food, pleasant staff, and everything of the best for guests are missing at Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf.

The casino was quiet and not many gamblers to hit on slot machines.

I was disappointed at everything at Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf, this place is not fun and doesn’t give you value for your money. The lack of services at the casino is a disaster!

I do not recommend Casino Hotel Bettendorf to anyone for the lack of customer’s service, for lack of communication skills, the unpleasant and unfriendly faces I saw and for the poorest quality of buffet served at Casino Hotel Bettendorf. I did not expect bad services there. My knowledge tells me the casino is at its worst and is unable to cater food for guests in the most pleasant manner.

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