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Published: 27 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We hired christopher paris, a consultant for isoqar to certify our company to quality standards. We were hesitant at first because he was a fast talker, like a used car salesman. He demanded $6500 upfront and ran off the bank of america to cash it. He came back 2 hours later smelling of strong alcohol, and slurring his words. I knew right away i did not want to do business with this guy. I asked for our money back, and he said it’s not refundable! i was appalled! he did no work whatsoever, and yet, he refused refund our money. He claimed those are the rules set forth by his accreditation body ansi-asq national accreditation board Anab). I immediately told him to leave the office and he will hear from my lawyer. He just giggled and walked out. | On his way out, the scum bag touched our secretary in inappropriate manner! he repeatedly asked her to lunch despite her declining multiple times. | He apparently can’t deal with rejection so he called her a b***h. We considered calling the police, but she did not want the trouble. She threatened to quit if we allowed him to ever return. I’m still in shock over the matter. In my 23 years running a business, i never came across such an arrogant p***k as chris paris. He’s a little guy, and must have a problem with being so small in stature. Frankly, he’s a girly man trying to be manly, but comes across as a total weasel, and pervert. | The next day i called isoqar to file a complaint against chris paris. The guy that answered the phone told me to f*ck off. His voice sounded like chris paris so i done some research online and found out chris paris is the guy behind isoqar… The owner! so i called him back and told him you are running scam and i’m going to report him to his accreditation body ansi-asq national accreditation board Anab) and the international accreditation forum Iaf). Apparently isoqar and chris paris is accredited by anab and member of iaf. How can these organizations accredit a scam like isoqar? Even worse, how can they work with a piece of sh*t like chris paris? His drinking problem is one thing, but i can excuse that because we all have issues. But his sexually harassment and scamming us out of $6,500 will not be tolerated! | We made one last attempt to get our money back and settle this matter with christopher mark paris and his company anab-accredited isoqar. I called him a few days ago to ask for our $6500 back. He insisted it was not refundable, and those are the rules of the ansi-asq national accreditation board Anab) and the international accreditation forum Iaf). I told him fine, i will call the leadership of those organizations and file a complaint. He laughed at me and said, go right ahead, i’m friends with randy dougherty, the chairman and vp of both anab and iaf, and he won’t do anything about it. In fact, he “loves me” were his exact words. | Also, we recently became aware that chris paris of isoqar is currently being sued by another company that he scammed through his business oxebridge quality resources. In fact, paris has been sued multiple times. I also found a number of complaints against him all over the internet from other companies he scammed. | Our attorney suggested a class action lawsuit against, not only against christopher mark paris, but also the organizations he represents ansi-asq national accreditation board Anab) and the international accreditation forum Iaf). Our attorney said since chris paris filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy last year, the money to go after is with iaf and anab since both organizations are behind his scams.Our attorney said anab and iaf are equally responsible for accrediting isoqar, and giving chris paris an opportunity to scam innocent businesses. | Note: i wish we would of found the website which warns businesses about chris paris before we hired that crook and pervert! tells you everything you need to know about his scams. Thank you for giving us a voice! hopefully we saved other businesses from being scammed by anab accredited isoqar.

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