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Published: 23 December 2018

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This company is a writing service for writers in many niches. It is an online business where writers are promoted through stages. The higher the stage the more money a writer can make. The stages are as follows: – Standard – Premium – 4.1 points required to do premium work – Elite – 4.6 points are required for elite work – Elite Plus – 4.85 points are required for elite plus work The way it works is business, individuals etc.: which on the site they are known as requester’s, the requester’s place articles that they need written it is sort of like a job board. The writer has a selection of work to choose however, a writer must be careful when selecting work requestors with a low percentage rate less than 70% are not recommended to work with or do articles for. These requestors with low ratings nine times out of ten will reject the article even if it is good and use the article anyway so they can avoid paying the writer. That is why it is recommend to write for requestors with a percentage of 70% and up for better results and approval rates. Once a writer chooses a project that is appropriate to do, a writer can click on that job to write the article if it’s available meaning if no one else has token the article before you, when you click on the instructions for the article and a word processor as well as a timer will pop up so the writer can began the project. All projects have timing deadlines. Some articles require 2-hour deadlines when some articles for more words require a 3-hour deadline. Once the writer is done with the article, he or she then submits it and it is transmitted directly to the requestor for approval and rejection. Before the writer accepts the job, the project will tell you how long it will take a requestor to approve or reject your work. Each writer has an inbox for messages from the requestor’s, whether the article is approved, rejected or needs revisement it will be in the writer’s inbox. If an article is approved, the requestor will rate the article from 1-5 points and sometimes will comment on how an excellent article the writer wrote. The writer will receive an email with the details on how the article was approved and how many points the requestor gave the writer for that particular article. There will also be in the writer’s inbox and an orange indication will be on the home page stating, “this article needs your attention”. The writer then must click on the indication message go in and thank the requester for the detailed instructions, or thank them for the project provided. Next, the writer must go in and give the requester a rating, which is from 2-5. Ratings help the requester’s because writers will not do business with requester’s fewer than 70%. Ratings from requester’s also are supposed to help the writer, as it will successfully get them to the next stage. Once this process is done the writer will the money for the article in the writer’s bank upon successfully approval only. Writers can request out money until it reaches a minimum of $20. Once it is at or over $20 writers payments are automatically generated through PayPal payments only. If the article is rejected, the writer will not be paid for the article and most times the requester will leave a comment stating, “That was not what I was looking for” or the requester won’t comment at all. Some generous requester’s will leave a rating for the good efforts while others won’t. Either way with a rejection, the writer’s ratings are reduced every time an article is rejected from a requestor. If the writer is a writer that produces poor content, and that writer is rejected consistently and their outstanding score is below 3.2 with 10 reviews or comments from the requester or 3.4 and 20 reviews or comments from the requester. That writer’s account will closed, as IWriter do not accept poor content for their clients. I have written for many companies besides I Writer and call myself an experienced writer whom writes in many niches. However, what I noticed about this site is it is a rip-off, unfair and unhonest to writers. When I started it did not take me too long to build up my positive ratings as I started getting closer to premium, I started noticing weird activity in my ratings. Like if for instance, if one of my articles was approved and I would get a five star rating I noticed that my points were being reduced instead of increasing. I keep track of all my work and ratings so I caught it right away took a screen shot and submitted it to the support team giving them concrete evidence. However, the response I received was “you have gotten an article rejected yesterday” so there is not much I could do for you” I replied back ” I understand I received a rejection for an article yesterday, however the points were reduced yesterday” now today my article has been approved with a 5 star rating and the requester has added me to their favorites” The representative then when in and adjusted it correctly. I thought this was an end to the system errors or manual errors by the staff. The same evening I had to go through the same process for two- weeks, because every time my article was approved my points were being reduced which is very frustrating and stressful when you are trying to feed your family. It was a struggle to get to premium because there were consistent issues with my articles being approved and the staff kept reducing points instead of increasing my points. Points are only to be reduced per rejections every article that is approved is to always accumulate the points. After sending an email to the support team for the hundredth time the representative was acting as if she did a favor for me by providing me extra points which were my points anyway if they weren’t consistently reduced by the staff after my article approvals. I still thanked the representative through good faith because I felt it was the right thing to do, however I did mention to her additional issues. Once I got to premium I, grabbed one project completed it and got an approval. When I refresh the screen, all of the sudden 100 pages of work were now only two pages, which was impossible. Some days it is slow but usually never for premium. I do have concrete evidence of the great standing of my account but I am having trouble pasting the screenshot here. I was shocked and hurt that this company would do such a thing to someone as I was referred from a friend who is also a premium writer who actually has more rejections than I do but still had more than 100 premium jobs available to her. As a confidant I told her about the company she referred me to and how there was no work now that I have gotten to premium. She then told me “I am on premium right now and I have over 10 pages of work available to me.” I was shocked, since she lives 5 minutes from me she came to my house with her laptop, logged on, and showed me and this is what I saw 145 more “Premium writer” projects like these available. Show the rest >> Therefore, I logged in while she was logged in and only saw one or two pages. I sent an email immediately with screenshots and proof and this is the email I got back as if I was a poor writer. Letting the agency know about my friend and how she has work available to her and not me. The representative persistently asked for my friends user name which I would not give because I felt like it was not needed, plus I was afraid they would do what they did to me to my friend. I would never jeopardize her like that Hello Myai, I understand the concern and I’m sorry to hear about the frustration; with regards to other writers getting more jobs than you – it may be one of two things: 1. A writer has written first than you/taken that job or (hopefully not) 2. Some requesters have added you to their ignored list, which in turn will not allow you to either speak/send a message to them and/or see their posted projects, I’m afraid – and once you’ve been placed on the ignored list, I’m afraid there’s not much we can do – as of course it is the requester’s to do so. I do see that there are some requests up as of the moment and perhaps you can work on them. Should you have any problems with your rating – specifically with rejections with no reason or proper reason even, please send a new ticket about it and I’ll check it out. Thank you. I then replied I have only been with your company for approximately two-three months and out of the 48 projects, I have completed only seven were rejected. This is actually good because my rating is still 4.2021 after 47 reviews. In addition, I have four requestors that have actually added me as their favorite. I told the representative there is no way that 145 requester’s would ignore me as a writer when I haven’t even written for them yet. In addition, my status is not of poor quality. I asked the representative to please place the premium jobs back up for every writer according and fairly. This is my status that I copy and pasted here to show my status.

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