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Published: 09 May 2022

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About Izzy Yetnikoff

Izzy Yetnikoff of ILYLAW.COM is an awful lawyer and a horrid human being and has made A TON of enemies… and that’s just here in Arizona.  “Worst lawyer” is an area with stiff competition and nobody likes them, but IZZY IS THE WORST OF THE WORST AS A LAWYER AND AS A HUMAN BEING.  Despite claiming on his websites he has “law offices” Izzy is the ONLY lawyer there.

He ignored my case and I LOST MY BUSINESS for something that wasn’t my fault, and he does this to EVERYONE who is unfortunate enough to trust him with their legal matters.  Now I will warn the public so Izzy can’t do it to anyone else.

Using cached information from the internet, I retrieved his old reviews and am posting them for anyone to read.  Don’t believe the ILYLAW FAKE positive reviews from his friends and relatives on Yelp and elsewhere!

Izzy Yetnikoff’s DELETED, ONE STAR reviews from the internet:

  • I want to start by saying I hope I never have to experience anything like this again. My car accident was traumatic and I still have nightmares about it.  My dealing with Izzy was equally awful. Before this event I had never had to hire a lawyer to help me resolve a car accident. The communication with the firm was horrible.  I did feel like I was in the dark through much of the process. This left me reaching for updates regularly and I felt like I was the one initiating contact. This process was long and stressful, I am sure it being during COVID times did not help. When this accident took place my daughter was in the car with me and under the legal adult age of 18. During the process she turned 18 and unknown to me our case was spilt into two cases. Because I was the responsible adult in the vehicle when the accident happened, I was responsible for all accrued bills. I was the one turned over to collections to pay for the expenses that were a result of the accident. Although I understand there was time put into this case the costs that were rewarded for the work done seem incredibly high to me.  I am not satisfied with the end results/outcomes of this case and in hind sight I wish I would’ve known that I needed better guidance.
  • Izzy doesn’t know the law here in Arizona.  Maybe its different in Canada or in New York where he seems to have spent most of his years.  When our car accident took place I was a minor which left me to rely on my guardian to make decisions and process anything needed. During this time my mom took care of matter and all needed paperwork. While our case was in process I turned 18, I recently learned that the original case was split and I became my own case. Because I didn’t do any of paperwork I really do not have a strong opinion on the process we went through. The outcomes of our case were definitely not what I was under the assumption they would be. I never want to have to go through what we did during this time. Driving is now terrifying and I’m constantly in fear of losing my life while being a in car either driving it or as a passenger. I am thankful to this day that I am still here.
  • Not impressed at all with this attorney or his staff.  disorganized.  Office smelled like coffee and B.O.
  • Hired Isadore back in March for case against insurance company. Agreed to take the case for 40%(!) of settlement. Despite promises, has done virtually nothing in 4 months. All calls roll to voice mail and are never returned. Repeatedly called main numbered until someone finally answered. After that, we received a letter from Izzy yetnikoff withdrawing from the case. I was honestly shocked when someone answered the phone; I assumed he was out of business or dead.  Something’s not right with this whole office, in my opinion.
  • Three words: ANGER. CONTROL. ISSUES.  I couldn’t imagine what living with this “man” must be like.  Goes from normal to super hyperactive/defensive/autistic in about 2 seconds.  Also, he doesn’t listen to this clients.
  • Izzy doesn’t return emails for many weeks and doesn’t work up the file and was unfamiliar with my case during out conversations and settlement meetings since he didn’t read what was provided to him. He was also very rude when called out on being unprepared. Would never recommend.
  • Rude, incompetent legal skills, was not willing to help; although I was willing to pay, requesting simple question as far as when are they going to reach back to me; simply one of their staff hung up! WOW
  • Left message with his office.  Didn’t call me back.
  • We have been in a class action Lawsuit for over 4 years now.  I know the wheels of justice turn slowly, however in July 2019 we had a meeting with Izzy and he informed us of what we would be looking at for a pay out if we signed the paperwork to settle now, which for the most part we agreed and signed the papers, Izzy informed us that we should see a settlement around December time frame, so I sent him an e-mail in October just to do a follow which by the way he still hasn’t replied to as of this review.  I sent him another follow up e-mail asking him if we were still going to be getting any type of pay out, As I told him if we aren’t receiving anything then he should at least call and tell the opposition that we have been on the hook for the past 4+ years. To me this is very poor business practice although I do understand that the company took this on and will not get paid until they pays, but just a little communication would be nice, I recommend that you look elsewhere for a Reputable Lawyer and not one looking to make an easy buck….
  • If you’re looking for someone to help you LOSE your case due to incompetence isadore yetnikof is it! No passion for fighting for their client in court. They’d sooner fold instead of fight for your case especially if they have a completely random Fall vacation planned.  They’ll make sure they hunt you down for their initial payment though. No problems there. They’d be better as a, mafia thug collection service.
  • It just seems they are only willing to help if they know your case is a super easy slam dunk win. Other than that they will just tell you your not going to win and still take a $295.00 30 min consulting fee from you. I felt isadore didn’t even bother listening to the rest what I had to say and just pushed me to the side. Probably used my consulting fee to go out and buy himself another men’s size 5 pair of hideous italian shoes to add to his gawdy collection.
  • I called looking for an auto fraud lawyer. I’ve been calling around all day and maybe 3 told me they don’t take on this type of auto fraud just lemon law. So i call ILYLAW firm trying to find out if they even take this type of case.  They want a $375 consultant fee. I ask but what if they dont work the type of case i have. Answer: you have to pay $375 fee to find out. So basically have to pay $375 to might not even be able take the case. You should be selling yourself to me, not the other way around. All the reviews seems like they are great at what they do but this just seemed shady and slimey, especially since all the other lawyers were able to listen and tell me flat out.
  • Stay away from Izzy!! I made the mistake of choosing this law firm to handle my case. Mr. Yetnikoff misrepresented and overstated his capabilities and experience. I was looking for an attorney that was equipped and experienced to handle a contentious accident case that may involve litigation. Mr. yetnikoff said that he was experienced in litigation and contentious matters. HE WAS NOT, and when the time for litigation came, he emailed me to advise me to find another firm that was better equipped to handle the litigation. When I questioned why he initially said he could take this case, Mr. Yetnikoff clarified that he was not experienced, but his partner was. According to Mr. Yetnikoff, his partner left the firm, and he could not take the case through litigation. In addition to his lack of experience, Mr. Yetnikoff was incredibly sloppy. All of his draft filings were riddled with errors (incorrect grammar, misspellings, improper syntax).  His English was fine, but based on his writing and legal communications, it was almost as if he was raised speaking a different language.  I spent many hours editing his drafts and sending them back. I was shocked to see the laziness and carelessness. It was unprofessional. And of course, he still billed us for his shoddy work. I provided Mr. Yetnikoff with ample evidence of the misdeeds of a family member at the heart of the challenges with my case. Initially, Mr. Yetnikoff was confident and reassuring. However, when the ‘other side’ changed counsel, Mr. Yetnikoff quickly changed his tone. Mr. Yetnikoff now wanted to settle. The new opposing firm had Mr. Yetnikoff out of his league. His lack of experience continued to surface. He improperly deposed the other side. His errors in his filings continued, costing me more money. When I challenged him on some of these errors, he offered to ‘half’ his hourly rate when the billing came due. And when it came to billing, there were errors and overcharges on that front too. I regret choosing the ILYLAW firm and Mr. Yetnikoff. There was ample evidence and a strong case at the beginning. Unfortunately, Mr. Yetnikoff did little to fight. I did consult additional attorneys once I realized that Mr. Yetnikoff was incompetent and jeopardized the case. Sadly, we were too far down the road with this firm. On top of the loss of a loved one, the weight of the case became too much. The family decided to close the chapter and settle. Other attorneys that I interviewed sounded shocked at the situation I was in. I did a great deal of research on law firms before selecting Izzy. Their reviews on Google and legal review sites were/are good. So maybe we got stuck with a bad apple from a good orchard. But when it comes to something as sacred as settling a sever accident injulry, I suggest you DO NOT take that gamble with Izzy Yetnikoff.
  • This guy is a total sleaze and has poor behavior in general.  Sad that google forces me to give you 1 star, otherwise u wouldn’t get any.
  • I would not suggest hiring this firm.  I found Izzy Yetnikoff with a quick google search, read the reviews and thought they would be reputable firm, I was wrong. My initial interaction with the firm was with Izzy, he contacted me 3 times to confirm that I was going to make it to my intake appointment. During that meeting I explained my whole situation, izzy made me feel comfortable so I paid the full $5000 fee that day, Izzy wanted to get on the case as fast as possible to have the best chance to get be the best deal possible.  Again I was confused because of the urgency Izzy spoke on prior to me paying was switched to now we are waiting on the court. Throughout the whole case I never once appeared at court with izzy, which I take some responsibility but every time I asked if I should attend he would tell me that they file a motion, it would be real quick and my presence was not needed. Once the insurance company came with the deal I asked if they were working on a better deal and was told based on the information I provided them he would not feel comfortable trying to negotiate a better deal so I just paid $5000 for the same deal I would have gotten in the first place!!. When it was finally time for me to take my deal, izzy did not show up, I do not remember the assistant’s name but I was someone that I never met before. Everyone’s situation is different, don’t read the highlights on their website. For every success they have there are 100’s of situations like me that don’t make the internet or are censored.  if you are looking for a lawyer I would suggest not going with Izzy.
  • This guy is NOT professional or even basically competent.  Hes unreliable and MOODY and susceptible to outbursts, apparently.
  • Isadore handled my car accident. Terrible experience! No attention to detail, screwed up my case. DON’T. GO. HERE.
  • I submitted my information online so someone could get in contact with me about my case. They called me and I wasn’t able to pick up so I called back and the female that they have answering phones today has a terrible attitude. I told her who I was, why I was calling and the person who tried calling me earlier and all she had to say was “I don’t know who that is”. So then I explained again what the persons name was in hopes that she could understand and once again she responds with “I still don’t know who that is”. And what’s funny is when she transferred me to someone who could help me, it was the same person that I told her about. Clearly she should get to know her co workers if she’s going to be answering phone calls from people who have been called by the law firm. She also should adjust her attitude problem if she is supposed to service the clients. She definitely doesn’t represent the business well.
  • If I could give this place zero stars I would. I wouldn’t recommend this law firm to my worst enemy. Keep searching for a different law firm.
  • I was involved in a car accident April of 2021. This process has been draining. Still has not been resolved! Everyone was nice and attentive at first. Now coming to the end , I’m so disappointed!! I feel lied to and taken advantaged off. They have tried to offer me $4000 out of $26,000+. After lawyers fee and paying doctors
  • Was inquiring about a possible case for a friend and specifically “IZZY” was very unprofessional and uneducated. The only help he could give me for my friend was to bring cash or he couldn’t help. He couldn’t provide a free consultation all he did was complain about how I didn’t have money and said “I have to go once he figured out i/or my friend didn’t have money. I’m not saying this is a bad law attorney but I’m saying he was very unprofessional and is only concerned about making his money and not the interest in his clients.. I hope you take into consideration what being rude and inconsiderate to your “potential” clients can do.
  • Ridiculous little man.  He is lazy, extremely rude and doesn’t care about his clients.  Isadore has anger issues and is completely unprofessional and uncaring not with
  • I had called them about my car accident and not only they where a rude but even though it was ruled it wasn’t my fault over the car accident technically they are claiming it was my fault because I was making a left hand turn. I still like to know how when I was going 24 in a 25 mph in my own neighborhood and the lady who hit me was coming at me like she was on a freeway and yet she told me she was sorry for going fast and even told the officers at the site she was the one going fast and she was issued a citation for no insurance but not for speeding but may now get another for speeding after the officer visited me at my home to ask my side of the story to finish a initial report as I let it be known I’m looking for a lawyer for the pain and suffering including the damages and damage for the car and the neighbors fence in which that’s where her car ended up being at she hit the neighbors fence before her car stopped. I just don’t know why.  I found The I.L.Y. Law firm appalling; however I hope their competition will help me.
  • My son got in accident when he was 16. It’s been 2 years and he is finally getting a pay out on his eighteenth birthday. Well, they said but now it’s going to be up to another month after his birthday. They literally took forever on his case. Never contacted us on the progress, we were the ones always having to follow up on the status. I wouldn’t recommend these guys unless your willing to wait 2 years for them to finally do something on your behalf.
  • i was in a head on collision was not at fault and lost my front teeth and have burns and they just dont care about there clients after a year of awful pain and 32,000 in medical bills 19,000 in lost income.  i never even got anything for my car
  • I have been going through this process for a year, stopped treatment 7 months ago and still havent seen a dime. It took 10 emails, 3 calls and 5 weeks of waiting to get emails last time I heard from them. Paralegals are all that will respond and its once every 6 weeks even if you have a question before then. Ive left messages for the attorneys and they never call you. You are better off taking care of things on your own as they are only trying to offer me 9,000 of the 30,000 when my insurance negotiated things to where I would get almost 18,000 after attorney fees and doctors and these “negotiating attorneys” screwed up my deal. Save yourself from the mistake I made and do not use them!
  • Law Firm conveyed to me a lack of urgency, organization, timeliness, lack of customer service and that was just over the telephone.  Thankfully I never wasted my time actually going there.
  • Izzy is a HORRIFICALLY INCOMPETENT lawyer.  I also had what was a terrible experience in what was nothing short of gross legal incompetence.
  • Extremely bad experience based on lack of communication and doing the complete opposite of what they we’re supposed to do.
  • Ridiculous little man. Needed a lawyer for court and was quoted at $4500, in advance and they wanted me to pay in CASH no credit card, no checks! Tried to scare and push their services onto me. Anyone asking for money upfront without any solid information are scam artists.
  • I ALWAYS had to call them they NEVER called me. In 2+ yrs I spoke with assistant every 6mo. NEVER spoke to Lizzy attorney until 30 minutes before hearing.  I got a lot less than I’d hoped.  I see here that I’m not the only one!
  • I went through there intake process and was told someone would call and advise me and of course nothing thanx for ignoring, bye~
  • I called ILY Law firm to discuss a possible case. Instead of a caring and empathetic listener, I was greeted with impatience and hostility. I shared very personal details about an issue that was very important to me, only to have it argued against and belittled. If you have a personal injury case, this is the last place you should look. I hope someone puts them out of business.
  • What a joke, he passes himself off as a religious jew but then stabs you in the back the first chance he gets. Obviously he isn’t.  Extremely disappointed I wasted my time wit this liar
  • First and only experience with Mr. Yetkinoff was today and it was horrible. First off, our case involving our deceased mother is a very personal, emotional, and difficult one. My father who is an older military veteran called to explain our situation and Mr. Yetkinoff simply said, nope can’t help you and hung up. A very disrespectful way to treat anyone, especially someone who has been through so much and is seeking help. So disappointing to be treated like that from someone who is supposed to be “professional.”
  • I was referred to go here but honestly worst mistake ever. They will drop your case if they don’t see enough money coming in on their end & won’t even fight for your case at all. Izzy was condesending & talked to me like I was f’n stupid. Then, they wouldn’t answer my calls or emails when I was just trying to locate my car from the accident to get it back. They don’t care about their clients, only about signing people up & taking their money so they can say they can claim they have alot of clients.
  • Called to talk about my potential case. Waited on hold for 10 minutes. Called five other firms prior and call was immediately answered. Must be a one man show. Guessing one and if you get someone, they’ll get to you when they can
  • I never spoke to the lawyer except on day 1.  They tried to get money from a 3rd vehicle involved in an accident when that was not what we were supposed to do.  As I stated from the beginning along with the police report that became available 24 days after the accident, MY insurance was supposed to compensate me, (under insured motorist insurance), no other vehicle since it was a hit and run, then 3 and a half months later he called me to say my incident description didn’t make sense and that it sounded like I lied on what I had stated.  So you waited 3 and a half months to talk to me and practically call me a liar, when nothing had change from day 1 and even after the police report became available tell me that what I had said didn’t make sense? How involved are you on your business? Of course the other insurance company DENIED the claim as they were not involved with me, so they just decided to “Drop” me as a client because of their negligence and irresponsibility.  Learn from others mistakes and take your business along with the $300 / hr elsewhere.
  • Was represented by Izzy Yetnikoff. He represented me very poorly. The guy told me I could walk away with all my bills paid from the settlement and I should be grateful for that. Instead of him doing his job he made me collect all my medical bills from the providers who treated me and pretty much made me do all his work. The whole time he tried to demean me as a human being and tried to argue with me on why I do and don’t deserve a settlement. In the end I had to another lawyer to file a formal complaint with the bar, then finally Izzy agreed to settle. He’s a very sneaky guy and will try to take advantage of you! I strongly recommend you go anywhere different! If you’re read this message it’s not too late to find different representation. Please take it from me.
  • I can’t even give this law group a star but I have to put something to enter in a gmb review… I will start off I am a mother of 3 that where involved in a not at fault accident. Mr. Yetnikoff represented my children and put in a good front in the initial consultation. Then a month later flip things around and got upset that my children were not following through with HIS chiropractor and HIS mechanic. We were being quarantined as recommend by a family Dr as a family member became positive with covid. Then Yetnikoff called me upset that my children were not following through with the chiropractor and told me this is the only way to get money…. he said he was dropping my case and to go somewhere else like “Sweet James” then hung up without letting me further explain my situation. Crazy, I am glad I saw this side a month after signing with this law group and how embarrassing to be a law firm and act like teenagers where u hang up on clients. Still hoping if someone at his firm will respond where my son’s car even is…..
  • These other positive reviews must be fake or he got a lot worse really fast over the years. If I could give him zero stars I would, this has to be the WORST human being I have ever dealt with. In the beginning he claims to know it all and be the best man for the job. Everything seemed fine in the beginning. I was starting to get worried that he wasn’t doing anything because when we called he never gave us anything new to go on. After it hit the month mark I got frustrated and sent him an email with my concerns of us finishing on time and he completely exploded on me and said he wouldn’t take our case now (so initially my worst fear happened and he wasted our time). I emailed him when we could pick up our papers and he still continued to be extremely rude and wouldn’t let it go. My husband finally got the papers back and when he did he was screamed at in the hallway of his office building. He is so extremely unprofessional, lazy and rude! I wouldn’t want that NUT representing us anyway!!!
  • Please be aware this man doesn’t seem mentally all there and definitely has anger issues!  Cant rely on someone like this to act competently.  He belongs back in New York with the rest of the angry, lazy immigrants who are only in it for themselves and possibly hate Americans.
  • IZZY YETNIKOFF is an incompetent attorney. I contacted him for services related to a malpractice case, knowing that the case may not be large enough for his practice to justify taking, but figuring it couldn’t hurt to ask since I was hurt in an extremely blatant way by a doctor. He went back and forth in his desire to take the case due to its financial size (understandable), and asked me for more information and records, which I was able to obtain just a few days after his request. I called to let him know I had obtained all records from three doctors, photos, etc. He told me to set an appointment to sit down with him in his office, at which point I reminded him (as I had previously brought up twice) that I am severely disabled and cannot sit, stand, or walk, but I could send all paperwork and photographs and call or videoconference if that was acceptable. Mr. Yetnikoff immediately started yelling at me.  I was shocked. I began to explain the reason why was, as I had stated on more than one occasion, I’m severely disabled and not capable of moving around without difficulty. I have a serious and legally recognized condition and have been legally disabled for years. I attempted to explain this as Mr. Yetnikoff continued to raise his voice and cut me off, yelling, “FIND ANOTHER ATTORNEY, I DON’T WANT YOUR CASE”. If you are severely ill or disabled, this is the type of treatment you can expect from Mr. Yetnikoff. I would also venture that Mr. Yetnikoff seems to have a short temper and be quite ruled by it, which is unlikely to be advantageous in legal proceedings. UPDATE: Mr. Yetnikoff has suddenly received three new 5 star reviews, all of which have been posted rapidly within a few day period. If you look at his older ratings versus the ones just written up, you’ll see more consistency in those opinions. I think the postings after so few reviews over years suggests review manipulation.
  • Lacking professionalism, experience, knowledge and civility
  • One of the worst customer service experience I have encountered. Extremely impertinent. I had to call them get an update on my case, poor communication skills. I do not recommend to allow them to represent you.
  • Very poor in complication, and when he fails to do his job, he tells you he will drop your case and sue you for houraly fees. Do not use him
  • Very non communicative. Weeks go by before they let you know whatthe heck is going on.
  • Have medical records confirming the accident caused an injury. They refused to take the case. They have ZERO desire to actually fight and go to court for you. They just want to settle. They want a quick, easy payday, and 40% of your settlement money to do the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM EFFORT.
  • My initial review was deleted. I was treated as if I was the one at fault for the way a doctot treated my care. I found the man who I spoke to interrupted me frequently, spoke way too fast, not empathic, and had a condescending tone.
  • Left my mother inlaw high and dry and with a permenant disability from her accident.  Covered only about 1/3 of her medical bills for an accident whre she wasn’t at fault and only the other party received the ticket.  Total incompetence could not manage to keep anything straight.  I can’t tell if he was born an idiot or brain dead from being dropped on his head as a baby.  Who cares????    run away from tis guy.
  • Was not happy with the outcome of my case. I do not feel much effort was given to my case, if any at all. The lawyer was extremely rude and demeaning when talking with me. Overall, I was beyond disappointed and would never use him again, much less refer them to anyone ex someone I want to loose.

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