James Dooner, MD

He’s a crook who is irresponsible, careless and heartless.

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Published: 25 June 2019

Posted by: Modesta

Dr. James Dooner is an incompetent eye doctor. Because of his negligence, my dad now has a degraded vision. I had visited the clinic of Dr. James Dooner to find out if my dad had macular degeneration or not. My dad is 67 years of age and he had told me that he was experiencing problems in reading the paper. So, I looked up for a good optometrist or eye doctor and I came across this guy. From his online profile and his reviews, Dr. Dooner didn’t seem that bad. In fact, he seemed too good to be true. So I took my dad to his place for getting proper treatment and diagnosis. I had taken my dad for a simple checkup to see what was wrong with his sight. According to Dr. Dooner, there wasn’t anything wrong with my dad’s eye and that I was getting worried for no reason.

He said my dad was fine, which was a wrong diagnosis. He made a mistake because my dad’s condition worsened with time and I had to take him to another doctor who told us he had macular degeneration. If Dr. Dooner had made the right diagnosis at the time, my dad’s sight would’ve improved. His mistake cost my dad his central vision. He can’t see properly. He now needs to wear glasses all the time. He can’t read the paper as he could before, he needs his glasses for everything. The other doctor thought that I was an irresponsible son who didn’t care about his dad. He wouldn’t believe me that I had taken my dad to a doctor before. Dr. Dooner messed up. He ruined my dad’s vision.

I contacted this guy later. I wanted to tell him about his mess up. When I contacted him and told him about how his misdiagnosis ended up ruining my dad’s vision, this guy told me to shut up and to stop bothering him. According to him, it wasn’t his responsibility that someone’s vision got worse. He told me that he doesn’t remember anything about seeing my dad and that I must’ve contacted the wrong guy. Then he hung up. So not only did he ruin my dad’s vision through his incompetence but he also doesn’t have any sense of responsibility. I visited his clinic later and they didn’t let me meet the guy. I had an appointment. His visit was an expensive one, he claimed to be an expert and yet, he messed up my dad’s diagnosis. I wonder what would’ve happened if he had done surgery on my dad’s eye. He might’ve lost vision completely. I don’t think it’s safe for anyone to trust Dr. Dooner with their treatment. This guy is prone to making mistakes and he doesn’t even take responsibility for it. He can ruin someone’s vision and so his or her life. So, it’d be better to maintain a safe distance from this guy. Go and find another eye doctor.

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