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Published: 20 January 2023

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The True enemy Of Satan .What makes a person the Enemy Of Satan? First we must speak of the foundation of SatanismThe foundation of Satanism is a religion based On Individual Free willThis foundation Exists in all forms of Real Satanism, Modern andtraditional, LAVEY and theistic Satanism both share this common Foundation. When a person abuses another person for no reason other then self gratification they are taking away the freedom of choice from an individualand are ACTING against the will of that person.Examples of this Crime. RAPE, assault, Self gratification Murder massmurder or serial killings.Those are examples of crimes against the freedom of the will and theIndividual. These crimes hold a higher penalty when the crime is done by a person whoclaims to represent Satanism.In this document I will be talking about one of the biggest scumbag piecesof s**t and true enemys of Satan and his name isJames Kalkbrenner, aka James hale, aka, matt hale, aka, james derrick hale,Rapist aka child abuser Who is James Hale?James Derrick Hale(born August 6, 1973 inHouston,Texas) foundedthe Churchof the IV Majesties inOklahoma City,Oklahoma. The son of a Christian minister, Hale was raised in various states inthe U.S. and discoveredSatanismas a religion at the age of 8.Embarking on a long study of the occult, Hale formed an eclecticpersonal philosophy and encourages others to form opinions basedon individual study. He made worldwide news in 2010 when heannounced and then performed the first public Satanic Exorcism99 percent of his Satanism is a rip off. He plagiarized the work of Dastur Adam Daniels from the church of AhrimanHe also plagiarized the work of lavey.Plagiarism is just one of his many crimes against a persons individualityand freedomJames Hale allegedly may have abused children and females, mentally, physically, and sexually, This pervert May have raped people from his Churchof the IV Majesties Many of them have now formed their own church and are doing lots of positive things for their religion.This piece of shirt is accused of raping people from one church and has triedto spin it all onto those membersAdam Daniels became a target of James derrek hale.Adams Legal Religious title is Dastur Adams. After James Hale allegedly Raped individuals from the Now church of Ahriman. James had decided he needed to cover his tracks and took opportunity when he was given national spotlight for a mock exorcism.James had decided to use a sex offense of Adam Daniels to take away anycredibility Adam has.Adams sex offense has been used against him many times.But his offense is not of any sort of rape or molestation He had a consensualrelationship with a female prisoner when he was a prison guard. All this information is available from the church of Ahriman website.When the Old church fell the Facebook group was taken down and Jameshale contacted me one time and one time only.He had told me the group and website was taken down because Adam was arapist. This was false information I ate up and I should had been wiser.I decided to fight what I thought was the right fight against Adam and thechurch of Ahriman because I was led to believe Adam was a Rapist.Months later I find out this is not the case and the Rapist Might be Jamesderrick hale.This man may have also sent a serial killer to stalk families to kill kids.My self and the satanic community Recognize James Hale as the predator that he isAnd he is satanic enemy Number 1Remove him from all Your circles and warn your friends.Note from the authorAll claims On James hale being a rapist are based off individual testimonies.Court cases do show that Mr. James Hale has had numerous protectiveorders placed on him not only from his ex church members but also from hisown family and children

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