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Jaren Williams-Abusive Monster

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Published: 19 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Jaren is a monster. I watched him manipulate and abuse my friend for two years. He appeared to be dark humored and a creative free thinker type at first, but we now know its a serious mental illness. He is so timid and loving when it’s convenient for him but will flip a switch on you out of nowhere. He would scream, hold her down and call her names, push her, and provoke her until she reacted then make it look like she was unstable. He would say and do unspeakable things then leave or give her the silent treatment for days while she was hurting and crying herself to sleep bc of what he said or did. Then he’d spin it to make her think it was her fault. I’m honestly scared he lives in the same town as me. He cheated on her while they were engaged, living together and pregnant with their first pregnancy. She ended up terminating it bc she couldn’t trust him and made his family hate her for that. All the while he was telling his friends, family, work, everyone…that she was crazy and he wasn’t involved with her and telling her he wanted to be a family and making plans for their future. He asked her to move to wv with him and best friend while telling his family he was trying to get away from her. She stayed there or he came to visit her all summer before he finally moved home to be with her and buy a house together. He continued to promise her he was committed and did just enough to prove it. Took out money to put toward the down payment, told her he wanted marriage and children again. She always took him back bc she has a huge heart and wanted to understand him. He moved in and out over and over…Long enough to get her pregnant then leave. She miscarried bc of stress from him again last year. The final straw was when he insisted on having unprotected sex for a week straight because he wanted to be a family and they got pregnant (with twins). He told her he wanted to keep them and get married and then out of nowhere left her out of nowhere for a high schooler. He had the audacity to blame her for being emotional, insecure, crazy, you name it. Who wouldn’t be? He even said she took his money and wanted it back when it was his choice to not move forward with moving in together after the house had been bought. He put her through hell, left her with a mortgage, medical bills and his unborn children and lied to everyone about it.
This was just this past June and he is already pretending like nothing happened and dating someone new. He leads a double life and lies about everything. He’s so convincing bc otherwise he’s socially inept and quiet, you’d never believe he is capable of the evil he does. I know his ex before this too and come to find out he abused her also. He Left her out of nowhere for my friend and never once mentioned the truth about how recently he’d been with her and all the they went through when he started dating my friend. He made it seem like it was a fling and they just weren’t right for each other. Hes doing the same thing now I’m sure. He has abused every ex he has ever had and they are all in therapy with serious PTSD now. I’m telling you stay away. If you are his new gf, RUN, before he switches up on you. If you are open minded, loving, and trusting, he will eat you alive. He’s already asked to come over and cheat on you (just last week) but my friend had plans or she would have had him over in a heartbeat.

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