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Jellyfish Art

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Published: 19 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Hey all, I have always loved jellyfish. Jellyfish are absolutely beautiful marine animals that make such a nice addition to a home. I saw the first jellyfish art tank and wanted it. However, I heard of all the problems people were having. I then found out about the Nano on Kickstarter and promptly backed it. Tank came in, and I set it up. They sent me the jellies overnight and I introduced them to the tank. Right off the bat, I’ll tell you… the instructions are poor. You will find 3 different amounts to feed them based on the bag of feed, the instruction manual, and the website. Next, you’ll find the tank is extremely difficult to clean. It comes with a turkey baster to pick up food from the bottom of the tank… easier said than done. My tank quickly becomes dirty and I feel it is impossible to actually clean the bottom of the tank with a baster. My jellyfish lost tentacles frequently due to the horrible filtration design. Large slits in the back of the tank suck in tentacles very easily. The company will then tell you to adjust the airflow… which, no matter what you do, keeps sucking in these jellyfish. Over time (with weekly changes, adding the bacteria supplement, and even feeding brine shrimp), they all got smaller. One jellyfish started to get smaller than the rest, but all were maybe half their original size. Then disaster struck… There’s an elbow connector between the tank and pump to control how much air flow there is going in to the tank. Well, something went wrong with it. I am not sure if there’s a small crack I cannot see of what, but the pump stopped getting air into the tank. I bypassed the connector, but the current was way too strong and sucked them into the horrible filter intakes. This all happened the Saturday before Labor Day. I email the company Tuesday explaining what happened and that now the jellyfish are lying on the bottom of the tank. They told me to check my water levels and send them pictures of my water level. So I did. The next day, they inform me that it is likely my water levels, and to check them. So I responded saying I checked again and I really don’t think it’s my water level. Next day, they respond telling me they believe it is my water level and to check that. Now I’m livid. My jellyfish are dying. One has already died. Another one is the size of a pencil eraser, and the one that used to be my largest is the size of a penny. “The fact that this has taken this long and no action is being taken while my jellyfish die is quite upsetting and disheartening in your company.” I tell them I will pay for the part to be sent overnight and to just send it to save the life of at least one jelly. They charge my card $29.70 (odd that they have it on file… but okay), and send it. Now, of course, it is the weekend. So I will receive it Monday. That is SIX days that my jellyfish sat listlessly at the bottom of the tank. SIX DAYS, and this company didn’t care. They repeated the same canned response to me until I told them how terrible they’re being… then they charged me to ship the part. Now 2 of my jellyfish are dead. And there’s a good chance the last one will die before Monday. Jellyfish Art seems to be a company more interested in a cash grab than in actually giving people the opportunity to raise jellyfish and help them keep these beautiful creatures alive. They know they’re the only company offering affordable jellyfish tanks. It is very unfortunate and very disappointing. They didn’t care and gave no urgency to the fact that three of the jellyfish they raised and sent me were dying. They also put little effort into making a tank that doesn’t kill jellyfish, with the huge filter openings and a bottom that is impossible to clean. Very disappointed, very upset.

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