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Published: 03 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

To Whom it May Concern: | This letter is to provide to you negative feedback regarding the non-profit (dis) organization referred to as “The Jennifer Beach Foundation” located in Covington, Washington. According to their website, The JBF website states, “providing help to victims of child abuse and domestic violence.” This is some tagline a fifth grader could have written with her eyes closed. So, this place has no “mission statement.” Red flag right there. There’s a lot of shady business going on, and I am convinced Mr. Keith Beach, “The Director” is an informant to the police, to essentially “identify the victims.” More to be explained below. | First, addressing my affiliation, I peeked into the financial assistance services, as a friend or two I know had received financial assistance from a sister organization who then passed on a “scholarship” to this Foundation. I am of the suspicion TJBF is being extremely stingy and not disbursing funds to victims of domestic violence. Something else is going on. | To access the financial scholarship form, one must look under the “DV Impact Panel” on the website, there is a tab for “Financial Assistance.” The website states, “Emergency situations may include motel vouchers, transportation assistance, utility bill shut off notices, food, clothing and other essential items. Please provide all available documentation to support the request.” A scholarship form is located at the bottom the homepage for download. The website never explicitly states whether the person in need is able to apply for himself or herself or not. | I applied twice, once on behlaf of myself, once through an ‘agency.’ (ick, hate that the term). I requested a particular amount of monies to be put onto a visa gift card to help me to relocate to a safer area (help with fuel costs, car repair, and rental applications for a new place). I felt this was completely justified given the circumstances. Both times, I was denied under the guise of “we have to pay a bill for you.” | I very clearly explained to both Mr. Beach and the ‘agency’ my need for anonymity. Neither took me seriously, and sent me back and forth to to talk with one another, with each talking in circles. Redtape and sheer evasion. I even sent Mr. Beach an e-mail regarding his need to ‘know my name’ via paying a bill, to which he never responded. | (the whole back and forth went on for about 2 months) | Additionally, I e-mailed Mr. Beach regarding what he needed to “prove” I am a domestic violence victim, to which he never responded directly and kept saying, “I left you a voice message stating the reason your application was denied.” Or, talk with “XXX” (dis) organization who submitted the application. Sheer disgust. I swear if I sent him photos of black and blue marks on my arm or leg, he would assume I “bumped into a wall.” What a sick person. | After awhile, I go the sneacky suspician something else was up – that the police were affiliated some how – which is a conflict of interest. I later confirmed this, after reading the following on The JFB website: | “The Jennifer Beach Foundation is a member of the Covington Domestic Violence Task Force and partners with other local community Domestic Violence Task Forces to help educate and enlighten the community about domestic violence. We have participated in events such as the City of Covington’s Purple Light Nights and the Annual Stepping Out for Domestic Violence Walk-A-Thons.gton.” | You can read about the ” Covington Domestic Violence Task Force” here: The mission of the “Task Force” is: “The Covington Domestic Violence Task Force promotes a strong message that “Domestic Violence Has No Place in Our Community” through collaborative leadership, communication, education and victim support.” | Notice how victim support is listed as last on this list. And, wow – “No place in OUR community.” This is some slick rhetoric here, dividing the domestic violence victim FROM the community. As in “our community” vs. them. Even if it were re-written as “the community” the overall intent would be the same. “Them” (Our community) vs. “us” (the “poor victims”). As if we can’t get on a website and read with our very own eyes what you are doing. | This “Task Force” is all public relations promotiong events and parades and putting businesses on hyper alert to be on the “lookout” for domestic violence victims. The “Task Force” website states, they “Provided DV information packets to 151 businesses in Covington – 2006.” Now, that’s 2006. I wondered if that was a typo? *shrug* Anyhow, regardless, why the hell are you handing out pamphlets to the general public? It’s bad enough criminal defense attorneys and judges and attorney generals don’t fully understand this issue, now we have the “masses” involved. Give me a f***ing break! PLUS, members of those businesses could very well be violent themselves. You just never know, now do you? | This is a dog and pony “show” with victims being put LAST. Just a bunch of meetings and busy work and talk, and marching in parades – NO financial help, whatsoever to victims. This place was probably put together by a bunch of people who are real perpertruators using this “Task Force” as a guise to the masses and ‘community.’ A lot of police officers beat their partners, but would the person ever come forward knowing this non-profit’s link to the police? | Now, to confirm the police involvement, two members of “The Task Force” include the City of Covington’s Mayor: Mr. Jeff Wagner and a King County Sheriff by the name of: Mechee Burnett. Mr. Keith Beach is the treasur of this “Task Force.” Now, we have the mayor involved. Great. Again, what if he and his partner get into an altercation? Need help or confidential ‘support.’ Can’t use the JBF, now can we? | There we go, folks. There we go.

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