Jerry Norton, Peter Conti, Mentor Financial Group LLC, Capital Homes LLC

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Published: 10 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Search this on Ripoff Scams: Mentor Fiinancial Group Jerry Norton Misrepresentation annapolis, Maryland I agree 100% with this report. Let me add some more to protect you the consumer. Jerry Lee Norton has been investing in real estate for some time now 2004 to present and he is greedy to the core. To help you understand what this means I will describe it for you. He self proclaims he wants lifestyle,speed and a SYSTEM to make more and more money AT YOUR EXPENSE! This SYSTEM is Jerrys brainchild to help him make millions and you make or may not make even 10,000 in 6 to 12 months. Remember, This SYSTEM is to benefit him and his ego and reputation – 1st above all else!!! This is for real he will not ever talk to you and good luck speaking with anyone at the MFG contact number because it is ALL AUTOMATED!!! Seriously, think about your bank or cc account if you could NEVER get any problems (legal) resolved…How would you feel day after day knowing opportunities are right in front of you and you can not take advantage of them. You will feel cheated and lied to. I know I did. When and if you sign up for Mentor Financial Group or any future to be named programs from Jerry Norton or Peter Conti beware! Here is what they get: Currently: *$1,000.00 Dollars for access to nothing but prerecorded and non-state specific detailed mis-information. That means you MUST contact an attorney and real estate professional to determine if you can actually make multiple offers and if the realtor will waste their valuable time making 15 lowball offers a week. * You must be a realtor to access the absolute BEST deals the fastest or you will be beat out by other investors. Hands down!!! They will beat you to the deals. *Money, You must have at your disposal I would say to be safe 5,000 to 10,000 for Earnest Money Down of 1,000 and / or 2,500 to tie up any property under contract. And be willing to possible loose it if the sellers realtor will not sign the mutual release if the property fails inspection and you try to walk away from the deal. Jerry will not tell you this nor anyone at MFG. Real Estate is excellent for investments and long term security for you and your family when done with integrity and honesty all will prosper. Not just a few. A true honest and ethical business will benefit all parties involed and if they don’t stay away and get clear. If you ever watch American Greed on CNBC you know what I mean. A TRUE WIN WIN WIN will benefit the jInvestor, Buyer and Seller all will walk away confident they did not get scammed. Jerry seems like a very nice guy but somewhere along the way the dollar signs got to big to ignore at the expense of others. I keep asking myself as a Real Estate Investor Why this keeps happening to seemingly “good people”” When you want to do it Better

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