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Published: 04 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I attended Jersey College of Ewing, NJ in August 2013. I paid 500 dollars for registration as well as 20 dollars for testing. I attended Orientation where i was given scrubs that were incorrect and actually scrubs for the RN program – and were later corrected and a bookbag with all of required materials. We heard from the Dean “Ms. V” who gave a speech about how great our teacher would be, and how this school was going to be a difficult journey. My first day of class we arrived in the lobby and no one knew where the new class was this was my first experience of the disorganization- after about 20 minutes we were directed to a class located in the back and about 15 minutes later our even more unorganized teacher strolled in. She began telling us about the class that finished before us and how they “tried to get her in trouble” and how they “messed things up for us” she explained she use to give out a study guide that gave all the questions to the test and we just had to find the answers- but she would not do that for us. She also let us know she was a student in a Nurse Practictioner program and she was very busy. On Thursday’s we had lab, and we spent our first class with “Ms. Dee” who played YouTube videos of how to make a bed and how to wash and change patients. After all her YouTube videos ended she then told us we should have her for clinicals because she is the better teacher and told us rumors about the teacher the other half of the class would get. The first saturday we attended our first clinical and arrived at CareOne hamiton at 7AM- our clinical instuctor, whose name I forgot arrived around 8AM and told us to just go and include ourselves and instructed us to wash and clean patients assigned to us. I have never had any formal training and felt very unprepared and uncomfortable but my complaint went on deaf ears. In my few months at jersey college things did not get any better. Our teacher would show up to class sometimes an hour late and again we were told to just sit and wait for her arrival if we left we would not be able to make it up. She was giving select members of our class emailed copies of the test, people she felt would not expose her to the dean. I have copies of the emails where she admitted to this. I also have several photos and videos where she is on her phone, having students from other classes putting music on her ipad and a video of her speaking to Karen for an hour and us just sitting waiting to be instructed and just our time wasted. Several times she gave us incorrect information and had to later correct herself. My memories are times of us sitting alone in a classroom with no instruction. I also have copies of the concerns I addressed with the dean and Karen the manager which mainly was the test our teacher created. The test we were given were not on a college level, or a third grade level even. It was filled with typos and questions were listed several times with different correct answers to each one. Once this was addressed we were told Karen would be completing the test- which just caused the teacher to become more angry and teach us less than she did from the beginning. And when i saw teach, she read off a slide show that was projected on the board. I also asked for a copy of the test and my answers and I was told that this was not allowed, so we were just expected to accept whatever test grade given without any proof. We recieved our grades on a sticky note by a gentleman named Jerome whose specific title im not sure of, but sat in the front of the building and had no clinical experience. He would also proctor some test and would “pray for us” despite our personal religion. I addressed the Dean “Ms. V” on several occassions- i did not feel like my experience was going to contribute to me becoming a successful nurse and before withdrawling from my semester I attempted to give the school another chance but it was just too much. I was thrown into clinicals preparing patients, turning them changing them without any supervision. I did not feel comfortable in the position I was in. In my 4 months at this school we had 4 clinical teachers all which complained about the previous one. I did not feel like i was receiving the education I deserved for close to 30,000 dollars. After i reported my concerns i felt that it was only making things worse instead of better. I attended classes on time, didnt miss classes, I attended my weekend clinicals attempted every test even though many questions were not addressed in class or even related to the chapter we were on in the book. My question is- with the photo evidence, video evidence, and emails is there anything I can do? This school is with holding my transcripts- which are not even complete because I withdrew before the end of the first semester and trying to say I owe over 5,000 dollars. I am in a situation where I decided to no longer participate in a program that did not deliver what was promised- I have evidence that I was given a lack-luster education, and all I want to do is begin at a different school and no one from this school will even contact me back.

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