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Published: 28 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ ll be brief as i can. This MUST be a common scam this father and son team run here in Santa Fe NM and i’m sure they are not the only ones. I thought i had protected myself and purchased the materials for a roofing job of $550 using a credit card at Home Depot and pay for labor seperate. Then half the materials go missing during lunch when i was gone and me, the idiot, didn’t notice it upon finished job, roof looks like hell too, i was too upset to say anything it is so ugly. and something else is wrong. just dunno what yet… Then, i did the calculations, way too much materials for the job, so where is the rest…? LIGHT BULB !!! i go to Home Depot, ck with “assett manager” and Jesus Castillo’s son (name i can’t recall) is VIDEOTAPED at the return desk with said missing materials… they give him store credit back though he has no receipt. Whatever he handed over, you could clearly see sitting on the dolly and matches my receipt exactly. . i THOUGHT Home Depot would cancel the store credit and return the refund to my cc without delay. & I THOUGHT i could dispute the charges with my CC company. all WRONG. Home Depot doesn’t care, they just want to catch the guys when/if they use it. And, then I still don’t get my money refunded. So now Home Depot has the materials & the money …. The Home Depot store credit can not be used either, as its now “flagged” and still they don’t return the money to me? The CC company doesn’t care because this pertains to STOLEN MATERIALS, not defective merchandise. My roof looks like hell and needs to be done properly, areas puddle up, the sides were not covered right so now I will have to have that redone. If you’re in the Santa Fe, ABQ, Los Alamos, Pojaque, Espanola NM area where this Jesus Castillo who doesn’t speak a lick of English, and drives an old white Chevy pick up truck DON’T get involved with him or his son. I was told he also sells hay, and might be working off and on for some antique shop of Osage/Rosina St. They’ll steal from you and they do a lousy job. They’ll bid low claiming the materials will be double what you need and I”m sure they have done this scam many times over. They are on the radar of Home Depot and I’ve informed Lowe’s home improvement of their scam. I hope this protects the public. I actually did a google search on his name and nothing came up – well, that is changed now.

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