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Jet Autocom LLC

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Published: 21 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On july 13 2015 my automobile was brought in TO JET AUTOCOM for transmission service, mechanic George called said that he needed to look at the car and will call me back the next day he will assess received the phone call the following morning form george said I needed another transmission cost for a new one versus a rebuilt i asked him wih the miles on my car would it be worth the repair he said yes, so i agreed he said i need to bring in a deposit of 500.00 i brought in 600.00 the next day i also asked if credit card was accepeted he stated no the money transaction took place in there office with George , and Joel he said he would have my car ready in a few days also asked if they could do my brakes he said yes, i looked over and the hood was up on the car 7/20/2015 joel called said automobile was finished but really could not test drive to the brakes being bad juan came to my home to pick up the final remaining monies due and payable plus the 200 for the cost of a complete brake job rotors pads discs my car was picked up 3 days later and while driving a hose burst by the master cylinder so had towed to another shop to repair this now being on the eve of a weekend all the while not knowing that there would be continuious problems joel had said upon picking up the auto to drive the car for ten days for it to adjust and bring it back so he could adjust the timeimg, well i never got the opportunity from the other shop the car had to be towed it was shifting bad when placed in reverse it would either jerk sometimes just freeze wouldn’t move so i called Joel the next morning explaind what was going on semed the had not even done my brake job at all he said to bring it back told him there was no way possible when u stop it goes to the floor, bad bad grinding noise he said give him a few days he would come to my home to see, never showed i called so many times he had excuse after excuse then another monthy rolled around all of august now comes sept i finally called told him if he didint fix my car in the timely manner i will take hime to court he then said he was going to call his mechanic have him call me his name Sal he called me on friday now in sept he said his boss told him to call me and make arrangement to come get the auto i asked where was he taking my car to he said his shop in my area told me the location i said i’m just around the corner from you, he planned on picking the car up on a monday he later called said he was on the way he came to test drive he could’nt because he too saw the brakes were bad initially he was coming to test for the transmission he returned my car told me i needed brakes fixed first ti told him this is what joel was doing and why he was there to pick up the car showd him my reciept and the monies paid for the brake job he stated it would be honored and they werr going to fix my car this was all on a friday he then said ok i will be back on sat to pick up your car that day my car has just been setting every time i call Joel he offers excuses i walked there one day and the car was sitting only to show know one there at 930 in the morning this is the worst customer service i’ve exprrienced and he became rude when i told him i contacted the BAR he kept saying he did not want to hear that or he was talking to the inspector now wer’r in oct the investigator called him went to location joel told him he did not know how to locate my car he would be done in 10 days he lied more to the investigator the original location is not registered in his name this has been nothing but a nightmare PLEASE FOLKS IF YOU’RE IN FULLERTON DO NOT TAKE YOUR AUTO TO JET AUTOCOM AUTO REPAIR BAD SERVICE RUDE NO HOUEKEEPING SKILLS PS. AND THEY WANTED CASH NO CREDIT CARD…………………

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