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Published: 31 May 2018

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I purchased several trips through Jetaway Travel May 2, 2014. The trips are as follows: a. 7 days 6 nights Hawaii with roundtrip airfare for six individuals. b. 4 days 3 nights Cabo San Lucas with roundtrip airfare for two individuals c. 4 days 3 nights Belize with roundtrip airfare for two individuals d. 4 days 3 nights Puerto Rico with roundtrip airfare for two individuals. Before I paid the advertised prices for these trips the agent assured me that the only extra costs would be for hotel/condo taxes amounting to between $38 and $48 per night and a $69 per person activation fee for each trip. I was assured that there were three condos available at Valley Isles Resort on the island of Maui for the first week in March, 2015. The agent specifically stated that there were no additional costs and that the only restriction on travel was no travel on holidays. I was told that I needed to provide 90 days prior notice. The agent’s name is Allison and her extension is 2757. When attempting to book trips, the booking company insisted that Allison could not have had that information and that she could not know availabilities or specific accommodations. I tried to contact Allison repeatedly over several weeks but was not put through to her as I was always asked for my name and then told she was unavailable. I complained and was told to contact the customer service office, which I did. I received a purchase confirmation letter by e-mail. It indicated that travel vouchers and booking agent contact information would be sent certified mail. That did not happen. I called customerservice and was told they sent the vouchers and information by e-mail. They did not. There was no information in regular e-mail or in spam. I had to call again and ask for them to resend it, which they did. At that point I paid all of the $69 activation fees. When I began the booking process I started with one trip (Puerto Rico) and found some difficulties. I was to find that there was an additional $50 fee per booking and that there was not roundtrip airfare (only a $400 toward airfare), that I could only travel two days of any week, that travel could not take place without additional costs during any “high season”, and that additional taxes and fees would be charged. I repeatedly contacted customer service at Jetaway, ((email address removed by admin)), Travel by Centennial, and Vacation Reservation Discount Center. I got the runaround. Each place told me to contact the other. Someone going by the name of “Frank” in customer service for Jetaway and Centennial (all the same) insisted that I was in error, that the information I gave him was incorrect and that all of their trips have full roundtrip airfare. He interrupted me repeatedly as I tried to tell him the issues, told me I misunderstood and must have asked for special additions, and was very rude. He told me to get it in writing that there was only a credit toward airfare and that I should get it in writing what the breakdown of the proposed booking would be. He then hung up on me. (The first time.) I telephoned back and the office girl told me “Frank” had gone to lunch but she gave me a telephone number to make the contact with the booking agent but it was the wrong number. It was the number for the Vacation Reservation Discount Center. They refused to put anything in writing, said the $400 credit was on their web page, that there is no roundtrip airfare, and that they were not able to break down any bookings. And they said “Nothing is free” when I said I had already paid for the trip through Jetaway Travel. The agent said I could only travel on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and could not travel during any “high season” for any of the trips without paying extra. Before I could book a trip I would need to pay a $50 per couple booking fee for each trip. I copied the web page indication of the $400 only credit for airfare and sent it in an e-mail explaining to “Frank” that there was no way for me to get in writing what he had requested. At that time I asked for a full refund of my purchase costs. There has never been a response to my e-mail. I telephoned. I was told “Frank” was unavailable and would call me. He did not call. I e-mailed and called again on three different dates, but there was no response from “Frank”. I spoke to the office woman twice about the details of my problems and she said she would have “Frank” contact me. He did not. After several weeks I received an e-mail with a booking for a Puerto Rico trip from the booking company. The booking showed an additional cost to what I had paid for the trip. In fact, that additional cost was higher than retail for the very same flights on the very same airline on the very same dates and the very same hotel. I could get the same trip on Orbitz for much less than the booking that was offered. The point is, I had already paid fully for the trips. There should be no additional costs but for hotel taxes, at indicated at the time of purchase. Customer Service “Ray” told me I always had the option to refuse a booking and ask for a different one, so that is what I did. When two weeks passed with no different booking I e-mailed and did receive a response. That response was an apology that my booking had been lost and I should send my information all over again and that I could no longer go to Puerto Rico because the hotel they use had become a time share so I should pick a different place for my vacation. I did that and sent the information. There was no response. I e-mailed (no telephone numbers) to ask if the information had been received and there was no response. At this point in time three weeks have passed and there is still no alternative booking offered. I called “Frank” and said I wanted a refund. He said that was not possible. I insisted. “Frank” gave me a bogus e-mail address for asking for refunds and hung up on me (second time). When the bogus e-mail was spotted by my server, I had limited options. ((email address removed by admin)) I did find two complaint mirroring my experience on the Ripoff Report website. I am not alone in this experience. Therefore, I sent Jetaway, Centennial, and Vacation Reservation Discount Center e-mails indicating that I need a full refund within a set time or would need to file official complaint with appropriate governmental bodies, travel associations, Better Business Bureau, and media organizations. A refund was not forthcoming. Therefore, I am moving forward due to false and misleading statements and unfair business practices. .

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