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Published: 22 December 2022

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Joe Sayah The Fraud! Well, well, well. The B.S is finally catching up with this self proclaimed Legend. Let me give you a run down on myself. I stated training in Traditional Wing Chun (TWC) in 1979 at Russell St Melbourne under Grand Master William Cheung (GMC) before the school moved to Corrs lane in 83, from 1984-88 I trained under his brother David Cheung and GMC where they were both taking classes. I have also trained under Sifu Chris Wilson in 88, Sifu Dana Wong and Sifu Bruce Corles at the Dandenong Academy 89-93 and then back to Melbourne at Flinders St, and Corrs Lane again. All of my training was done part time as my job was working interstate. I still train on occasions and are in touch with many of the old crew. I will not reveal my real name as Joe Sayah has a history of threatening people. I am not afraid of him as I know he is too much of a coward to back up his threats but I am aware he has some brain washed students who have been taken by his BS and have less intelligence than him if that is possible? Let me give you a little information what I know about Joe. It is well known in the T.W.C clan that many regard Joe Sayah as a joke. Higher-ranking TWC instructors describe his personality as juvenile and living in a dream world. There have been numerous complaints made about this guy over the years everywhere people have had the misfortune to deal with him. THE FAKE LINEAGE.. Joe Sayah started training in TWC around the end of the 80s early 90s under Sifu Dana Wong and the final days of Master David Cheung in the Melbourne Academy. He came in on school holiday with one of his friends on casual sessions for the first few years. GMC was NOT his true Sifu!!!! GMC had stopped teaching classes at this time choosing to manage his new Wing Chun headquarters in Dandenong, leaving his head instructors to run classes in both Dandenong and city centers while GMC only attended seminars. In the world of TWC, there are 2 categories. (1) instructors who learnt TWC under GM when he was teaching classes 1973-88 and (2) those instructors who trained under other instructors and had to settle with GMC seminars 4-6 times a year. Joe Sayah falls under category No 2. It is common for many TWC instructors to skip and disrespect Sifu Dana Wong or their Sifus to claim the higher prestige with the GMC tag. THE SUBSTANDARD CREDENTIALS. Joe Sayah Graded privately for Instructor level 10 around 1992 at the Dandenong Academy jumping from level 6 to 10 instructor level in one grading. This was because the head instructor at the time (Sifu Bruce Corles) left to open up a school in the town of Frankston. Many of the Dandenong students including myself left as few people cared for the arrogant and immature attitude of Joe, who constantly spouted heroic stories about his many fights, while slandering anyone who posed a treat. His skills and personality were considerably lacking from that of those who taught before him and many disillusioned students questioned as to how a level 6 student from Sifu Dana Wongs school, who appeared out of nowhere, could jump 4 levels to instructor. FAILED SCHOOLS.. Within 6mths the Dandenong headquarters was bankrupt and closed for various reasons. Joe took what students remained and started to teach out of a school hall until he shut doors leaving many members disgruntled and out of pocket from the whole ordeal. In the 90s, Joe found himself hanging around the Melbourne Academy teaching casual classes as Sifu Dana Wong was the head instructor. He tried to open schools at Elwood and other places with no success. THE FAKE FIGHTER During 80s and 90s GMC arranged a number of full contact Australian Kung Fu championships (Sanshou) but the Joe the Legend wound not compete in any of them saying they were not full contact enough for him then spouted numerous false claims that he was going to fight the Gracie Brothers in UFC and compete in the K1 kickboxing. These claims were made to sidetrack anyone questioning his courage. Many senior students and instructors dismissed this as typical Joe Sayah dreamer B.S as he had no experience what so ever, many just regarded him a coward hiding behind his bizarre claims. Some junior students however were fascinated and thought it pretty cool a Wing Chun instructor was going out to challenge the world; Joe thrived on the attention and yet was so ignorantly blind in seeing so many people laughing at him. JOE THE SLIME-BALL CREEP. I totally lost all respect for Joe the day he was mouthing off as usual in front of junior students about one of the senior instructors who had just won a kickboxing match. Joe accused him of being a traitor to the art of Wing Chun for teaching kickboxing techniques in his classes. Joe even had the arrogants to tell GMC in front of people that he was going to go down to the instructors school and strip him of his Gold sash. On that same day the accused instructor walked into the Melbourne academy completely unaware of what had taken place, Joe Sayah ran up to him groveling, he bowed, smiled, shook his hand and welcomed him as if nothing had happened. This was a man, NO SLIME-BALL CREEP that would stab a senior instructor in the back to his Master and then suck up as if it never happened. What a tough guy. When the instructor was told of what had happened, he just shrugged Joe off as irrelevant. I asked GMC if there was any truth in what Joe was saying, his reply was Joe thinks he is someone big and is jealous of anyone with better skills than he JOE THE LOVE SICK PUPPY Joe absolutely idolized and worshiped GMC, hanging off every word and story he told. It was hilarious to watch him to try and act like GMC taking on his mannerisms. He even went to the extreme of having GMC and his logo tattooed on his shoulder parading it around like some juvenile gang member with a new patch. GMC had little respect for such small mindedness. JOE THE MOVIE STAR.. It was not long after the Joe hit the big time. He held an ashtray in a 2 second part in the Jackie Chan movie Mr. Nice Guy. He was now Joe the movie superstar!! So it was off the Hollywood to become the next Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan. RESUME OF KINGS Upon arriving in America Joes new resume now read; Martial arts legend from Australia, K1 champion and cage fighter and accomplished actor, Go Joe! Oh and did I forget, he was also the number one fighter in the TWC. All false and fabricated lies, but hey, its across the other side of the world and whos going to check right? I am sure there are many stories in America about Joe from people who saw past this B.S. I am also aware there are students who believe what they hear and were sucked in by this self proclaimed legend. UNHAPPY AMERICANS There were a number of letters circulating around head office and TWC instructors from disgruntled students in America complaining about Joes misconduct ranging from incompetent teaching skills to fake marriage proposals, Go figure? THE FAKE IS EXPOSED. Joe finally landed the roll of villain in the movie Once upon a time in China part 6 by spouting of his new B.S resume. It was not long before everyone on the set realized they had a hopeless case on their hands. It was common knowledge on the film set that Jet Li lost it with Joe many times saying he couldnt act. Sammo Hung was also furious with his choreography skills and wanted to kick his a*s, and was heard saying this clown cant even kick. The movie was chopped and changed and in the end it was one of Jet Lis biggest flops. Hollywood is well known for its B.S, and Joe should have been, No was his destiny to be a huge success. Bombed out there! THE LEGEND RETURNS… RESUME OF GODS.. After a few years in America Joe arrives back in Australia as the all accomplished American Hero. His resume now reads; Martial arts legend from America, K1 champion, cage fighter champion, accomplished actor, number one fighter in the TWC, trainer of the Special Forces, F.B.I, C.I.A, Local Police enforcement, bodyguard to a President. He now has Wing Chun schools in major cities around the world and now..Dandenong. WOW!!!! This guy is now a Super Super Mega Legend. You go Boy. NEVER ENDING MADNESS It is one thing to deceive people for money with fraudulent claims, but it is complete madness and psychologically disturbing for someone to actually believe this crap, and sadly Joe does. In the martial arts there has always been a code of ethics. In the words of GMC. You must help those less fortunate, respect family, your teachers, seniors and juniors, but most of all yourself Joe must have missed those classes? When choosing a location for his new school in the vastness of Australia he chooses to open a 100 meters down the same street from another TWC school, Lifestyle Kung Fu, run by Joes senior Sifu Bruce Corles. Many people regard Joes actions as dishonorable. But wait there is more.. Joes 2nd school that recently opened in Mornington is less than 50 meters away from another Lifestyle Kung Fu centre. What are you trying to say Joe? You have never been too smart but this is business suicide!!! I have trained with both you and Sifu Bruce and even his instructors have far superior teaching skills and Wing Chun skills to yours, The Lifestyle Kung Fu center in Dandenong is 5 times the size of your crappy joint, more professionally run and fitted out. The only thing you have to offer is pure BS. And that is now its all falling apart. FACTS To qualify in the K1 you need to be a nationally recognized Kickboxing champion not a nobody like yourself. Anyone can check the K1 website for the listings of all competitors dating back to its beginning. And guess what! Joe is not there. As for Cage fighting, crap movie clips dont count. If Joe has successfully competed in the cage or in any competition, he would have pictures up all over the walls of his club as his mentality is to brag, instead he ducks and dives when ever asked the question. Joe is not and has never been regarded by anyone as the No1 fighter in the TWC. He has never even fought before. Dreams and pushing around juniors dont count. Trainer of the FBI, CIA, bodyguard to the President blaa.. blaa.. blaa? Oh Please. To be involved in diplomatic security you need a minimum of 10 years in the special forces. Joe, are you really that stupid to think that everyone is buying this crap!!! And for what, to feed your pathetic little ego and scam student enrollment fees? Any one of your students has the legal right to cancel their contracts and even sue your a*s for their money back, claiming misrepresentation. You are not who you claim to be. You dont even have one government recognized qualification to teach. This means that insurance companies will not insure you and your instructors against professional indemnity. Know wonder you are running scared. You claim to be a master and yet have no control, you practically ruin a students future and hide behind blackmail and a bible. You are nothing more than a traveling evangelist show, moving from town to town spreading B.S to the gullible and taking their money. Time to move on Joe and take your show elsewhere, Zimbabwe perhaps.

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