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Published: 02 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company John Suzuki L.L.C. of Lake Worth Florida is a total unethical shoody workmanship rip off artist. | Being a former contractor i will state the craftsmanship the cleanlieness the professional manner the quality of the mans work is below acceptable. | I met John because he runs adds on craigs list for labor . he brings in t of us on a job hes totaly messsed up at same time and because all his existimg employees quit or where fired so he could make excuses to not pay his employees. | This job im refering to is in lakeworth near 41 in a 3 million dollar home thats a gated comunity. | Here is a list an only partial list of what this general contractor did at the customers home and plans on leaving this way. | I will be informing pkumbing amd electrical inspectors the state and township of the work this man is doing to un suspecting customers knowingly as well as sending a complete detailed punch list offering to help the customer take this guy to court and recoupe ther money for horrible incorrect work done without license needed for specific skilled trades and without required permits. | Tile work was done on floors and in all bathrooms through the home using large matble tile 2 feet x 2 teet. | In bathrooms tiles where left uneven grout lines. | Huge chips in tile from tools amd materials dropped on matble after install. | Un even grout widths | Crooked tiles. | Un level tiles | Un plumbed tiles | Raised areas on floor tiles with sharp edges | Door ways no transitions where meeting the hardwood leaving a sharp dangerous edge where customer can slice there foot. | All corners no bullnose raw edges of tile unfinished shiwing. | No marble window sills or threahold for shower pans he used thin tile again over hanging with unfinished raw edge no bullnose. | Went directly over hardwood no cement board didnt check for noisy boarda and wrong thinset used. | Hollow areas under tile no thinset will crack under weight. | Many areas missing grout. | Sloppy cuts all around edges. | No sanded caulk in shower n tub areas like corners around sulink tops or toilet base or in corners all prone to cracks from house settlement within weeks allowing water penatration over time. | Owner bragged that he is a top flight tile installer lol sone of worse unskilled tile work ive ever seen in a 3 million dollar home to boot. | Oh get this the entire stamped concreat walkway and pool area has grout from mixing spilled and all over outside as does garage floor. | Paint all over hrand new tiles throughout home. | Staircase to second floor. | Installed floating floor laminet with cheap plastic bullnose done incorrectly and glued down pathetic clueless on products he was using in high end home if he read reviews on product he would have known better. | Plumbing | Sinks installed glued to marble no backer board for support installed prior to tile | Installed raw metal angle iron under sink that does zero for suppirt and totaly visible. | Shut off vakves all installed crooked or horrible dosnt even know how to swet pipes. Traps glued into taco rubber sleaves after he broke stack pipe off at t in wall and ghettoed in a rubber sleave no clamp. | All shut off trap areas didnt line up with drawers on sink basins and rather than moving plumbing he had drawers and sink basins hacked up with improper tools. | Left walls open and exposed inside to studs every sink around the traps and shut offs total hack job even openings not cut even just smashed with a claw hammer. | Toylets unplaned and rock sideways not tight. | Glued on a toilet rather than go buy screws to mount for $3.50 at depot after he lost screws | Dude went on top of old tile by gluing sheetrock over tile than hung new tiles creating a moisture mold area in showers. | To dumb to relise plumbing had to be bumped out to accomidate for shower sets. | Used wrong handels installed cheap plastic handles. | All sinks unstable and loose no support glued with pl wood glue between marble and cermaic sink top. | Lol | Electrical outlets and switched he told installer not to even ground will fail inspection for saftey half of outlets dont even work and done at inproper heights. | On a 12 foot counter in new kitchen he installed only 1 outlet for entire counter un grounded non gfi by a sink. | No gfi used at any bathroom sink. | All bathroom sink lighting installed upside down lol. | Fans and lights that dont work installed | Paint work | Paint on new tile | Paint on all tubs | Paint on furniture and on garage floor and drivwway. | Runs in paint | Missed areas | Sloppy and uneven coats applied. | How he treats workers. | Places adds on craigs list | Has guys work on his mess job and cant keep employess. | I worked 3 days was paid for one still will not pay me for balance of 1.5 days | Wont reimburse for materials he asked me to buy for him and he said he would reimburse. | Electrical guy he had do improper work was paid two days he than refused to come back because of things he was being asked to do that where illegal guy was not licensed electrician in florida. | Plumber was not a licensedbplumber was asked to install inproper materials missing pieces he walked off last day i was there by noon due to abusive behaviors of john the owner who also of. Note never shows up on his own job thats weeks beyound promised due date. | He was screwed out of material money and over a days labor. | Young kid from bahamas came in was told he had set pay he was unqualified as hell and owner shorted him half of his pay first day and didnt pay him for 10 hour day the next day he woeked at all. Job was a total mess a stressfulk work enviroment hostile and done unsafely no workmams comp provided no insurance for any workers he he hires hoyrly for cash than come pay day lies say they where working under contracts to have jobs done he startex half started or messed up prior atating because deadlines where not made deadlines nobody agreed to as condition of hourly pay that are impossible to meet because jobs tools and materials are a mess missing or wrong items or not on sight. Than he uses these issues all his fault i may add as reason to Rip off the guys who worked hard for him on his screwed up job. | John claims to have a half million dollar company but does some of pooreat quality work ive ever seen. | Hes disshonest and unethical and rips off customers and his workers. | Of note when the four of us started we all asked why on a four month old job there was no existing paid employees working for this guy on sight all of us had responded to craigs list labor gig sections. | Why if under pressure of dead line for customer to be done totaly his problem and fault an issue prior to 4 brand new day labor hires start why on earth is he not at work on the job site to meet his own deadline for an already pissed off and irritated customer he totaly diss respects with shitty work and excuses always never takes any blane and bad mouths all hos workers to cover his a*s. | How on earth anyone with a 3 million dollar home would hire this guy or allow after a few days to allow him to stay working further is beyond me. | He seems high on meth daily and at night sounds drunk on the phone. | Brags at 48 how he got a 27 year old knocked up so he could keep her around. | Bad mouths his own father as being a total idiot he lets work as a charity cause. | Uses a truck with stick on magnet signs and i imagine changes names and phone numbers to company frquently. | Keft boston amd surrounding are to work in florida after many problems ruined his reputation in that huge area. | I have decided rather than go and kick this idiot a*s for ripping everyone off and me winding up in jail for a looser to report this guy on here and to warn others so the dont become his next victim. | Also going on every review sight as well as contacting state county and plumbing inspectors with this info and my cell number and other 3 guys phone numbers i have than calling electric and n plumbing and code enforcement inspectors. | Plan on reaching out to customer to warn them and so he gets no more money from them for most horrible job ive ever had displeasure of working around and that even includes work in roach infested ghettos. | Anyone can reach me at 239-268-9885 to ask questions or verify all i just wrote because believe it or not there is more im just tired of writting. | James T.

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