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Published: 05 June 2018

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Joseph Michael Hampson DOB **/1977 doing business as Hampson Real Estate Group, Hurricane Investments and other variations involving his name with various combinations of inc, llc, llp, etc. Hampson is based in Pennsylvania and targets PA and surrrounding states, is likely operating in the Pinellas County (Tampa) Florida area and surrounding, as well. Advertises on Craigslist and other sources offering real estate financing or rent to own properties, investment groups or clubs, or false offers of employment in related industries. Hampson uses false addresses and insists on wire transfer of funds to confuse jurisdictional issues, making criminal complaint and prosecution difficult, however, Hampson is on probation in Allegheny County PA. A condition of his probation is to refrain from fraudulent business activities, so filing complaint with that agency can produce results. (DA’s office number is 412-388-5300, explain your situation and they will direct you as appropriate.) Victims are encouraged to file complaint with all applicable local law enforcement agencies, attorney general offices, the BBB, and all other consumer protection groups. Having more information available will enhance an individual’s ability to search and be warned about Hampson before becoming a victim. Hampson solicits money for real estate down payments or investment opportunities. He presents himself as a broker, investor or agent. He offers to buy properties that you may then lease to own. He puts forth that he has a company, employees, partners, agents, attorneys, etc., which is false. This individual has a long criminal history in PA for theft by deception, DUI and Bad Checks. He also has a long complaint history with the Better Business Bureau of PA. See for full BBB report, complete with warning regarding Hampson’s failure to possess licensing required by the state to engage in regulated business activities. To view Hampson’s criminal history, visit the public records search pages at, then using the drop down menu at the bottom of the page, search by particpant name using the search parameters of Joseph Michael Hampson, DOB 10/8/1977. This page is for Allegheny County PA, but you’ll also see the dockets for Blair and Washington Counties, PA, where he has additional arrests. You can access additional county public records at the same site. An investigator I spoke with indicated that Hampson owes tens of thousands of dollars in restitution from previous cases and as of Dec 2014 has new complaint pouring in, all involving real estate or investment scams. The investigator referred to Hampson as “career criminal”, “a pathological liar”, and as having “a mental disorder”. Hampson will actually initiate new scams to pay restitution on previous or pending cases – literally robbing Peter to pay Paul, so to speak. The investigator suggested that in the past the threat of investigation or probation violation, which would lead to arrest and jail time, was often enough to motivate Hampson into returning funds to avoid further prosecution. However, as of December 2014 Hampson owed so many tens of thousands of dollars to multiple victims that it would be unlikely he would be able to repay enough to avoid yet another investigation and arrest, making it unlikely that current victims as of that date would be able to recover any money lost. New victims would likely be included in a resitution order of some sort, but Hampson hasn’t paid on his old orders, so reimbursement is unlikely. It is believed that Hampson has recently purchased property in Florida, likely in Pinellas County, Tampa area, and will resume his real estate and investment type scams in that location – ads have already been located and removed from Craigslist targeting those locales. Consumers should avoid doing business with this individual. Be aware that Hampson has often volunteered information regarding his past arrest history to new clients, along with various stories or explanations as to how that wasn’t him, how he was the victim, or other untruthful statements to make him appear honest and forthcoming. Don’t be fooled; this is a seasoned con artist with a long history as a professional criminal. Further, involvement with Hampson could put one in legal jeopardy as an unwitting accomplice to a crime. Consumers should report illegal or potential illegal activity to appropriate local and state law enforcement agencies, as well as filing reports with consumer protection groups. Finally, Hampson has a history of becoming abusive and threatening his victims. Based on public information to that effect along with additional cautions I recieved, I will not be posting my name and location. Hopefully the reader can appreciate fear of retaliation and will still heed the seriousness of this report. (Remember, most of this can be substantiated through public records.)

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