Judge W. Allen Wigington

Judge W. Allen Wigington

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Published: 03 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The Courts in America are supposed to be a symbol of Democracy. Justice is supposed to be afforded to everyone, regardless of race, religion, creed or where they come from. Personal Bias has no place in the Court System. | This may be true for most areas of this country, but NOT so in the North Georgia (Enotah Circuit) Courts. | My husband and I are senior citizens on fixed income. We purchased a home in April, 2013. We hired a home inspector to perform a pre-purchase home inspection. This inspector failed to find major flaws with the home. It cost us thousands to repair and replace the issues. | Georgia is a Caveat Emptor State – Let the Buyer Beware. The State does not require home inspectors to be State Licensed, Educated, nor Insured with Errors and Omissions Insurance. | The home inspector would not own up to his responsibilities nor provide any insurance his might have. We made th mistake of hiring an attorney to help us get justice and restitution for the home inspector’s negligence. | This lawyer took us for a $2,000 retainer. He did nothing for us and was belligerant to boot. The State Bar would not help us. | We took this lawyer to the Towns County, Georgia Magistrate Court – in attempts to get back the money this lawyer stole from us. The judge, in Towns County, recused himself because he knew the defendent lawyer. | We purposely asked for a judge, who would be fair to both parties. One that did not know this lawyer. One who would uphold the law. One who would not show favoritism toward this lawyer. One who would not have a conflict of interest. | This judge, W. Allen Wigington, of Pickens County, Georgia, was assigned to hear the case. The date was January 2, 2014. | My husband and I tried to present our case and witnessess. From the very beginning, it was clear to us that this Judge was in favor of the defendent lawyer and personnally knew this lawyer. | This judge allowed the defendent to run the court. Denied our evidence. Sustained every objection this defendent made. | Would not allow a key piece of evidence in our favor. | This judge looked at the clock many times, while I spoke. It was clear that this judge simply wanted to get this case out of the way, so he can leave. He also looked “bored.” | During a break, we personally witnessed this judge, W. Allen Wigington having a very friendly conversation with this defendent lawyer. They spoke of their wives, family and church functions they both attended. | It was clear to us, that there was a conflict of interest, and we would not prevail. Still we did our best with the overwhelming odds against us. | When we were done, the judge Immediately found for the defendent. He seemed so happy to rule against us. We did not get our money back. We also lost our court fees. | In fact, this horrible Judge, W. Allen Wigington, gleefully told the defendent that he should have filed a counter claim against us – one that he would have happily granted. | THIS CASE WAS A SHAM FROM THE BEGINNING. THIS JUDGE NEVER SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THIS CASE. IT WAS A SET UP AGAINST US – TO LOSE. | WE HAD NO CHANCE. | I was physically ill for 4 days after this “kangaroo court case.” | We were not able, finnacially, to file an appeal. We filed for a Reconsideration, which this same judge immediately denied. | We did file a complaint against this judge with the Judicial Qualification Commission of Georgia, but they would not help us at all. This was after a full year of trying. | My husband and were victims of the Good Old Boy Injustice System in the Enotah Court Circuit.

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