Justin McIntosh WIlliams

Justin McIntosh WIlliams

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Published: 16 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The Truth about Justin Williams | I was in the construction industry In Park City Utah. I was hired by various Contractors between 2006 and 2010. I I fabricated and in stalled High end copper work on Multi Million dollar homes. | I worked on about 4 homes for Justin Williams. At that time I did not know him or what he did for a living. I did know that he did very well for himself. He had Ferraris, BMWs, Bentlys, Porchse. etc. | The econmy crashed and Justin called me out of the blue to reinstall copper gutters that they had taken down because the bank forclosed on him so he took what he could get and sell it back to the new buyer. He worked out some deal. Not sure of the details. | After that work was done and paid he said he wanted more Copper on his existing house at the time 2010, Of where he was living. | I got curious as what he did for a living and he ended up teaching me as I was also helping him with work on his home. I found him a couple of great subcontractors to install Rock and other things as well on the home. | He asked me to deal with them and he would pay me. It went ok for a while. He had the Rock guys install more stone on the home than we discussed, which ended up at about $45,000 worth of Stone work. I ended paying up to $7500 out of my own pocket to keep him working. The stone guy ended up getting paid about half. | At this time when I started working with him he asked me if I wanted to invest in a laser that would give me a huge return. He also got me to invest in a company he had started called Sphere, That was suppose to gibe me shares of the company. NOT TRUE! which was a brand new laser line. I put in $15,000 which was only suppose to be for 90 days which would double my money. Long story short I got nothing for over a year until I found out that he had been arrested for the same type of deal with another guy in Utah which he got $50,000 out of him. That gentleman took him to court and won. | I finally got my $15,000 back after pressure from a partner that he was to have with Sphere. | After a year I also found out that the rock and copper he put on his home was not even his Home. Which the Stone guy has never been paid in full. | One of my first laser deals: Dow Medical need a Sciton BBLs Justin said he had one and to get $15,000 for it. | Herbert sent me the money in which I wired to Justins Account Eagle Star. Story after story he never recieved the laser because he never had it. 4 years later Dow almost got paid back. $5000 from me and the rest from Justin. | We bought another laser I picked up the laser and gave them a deposit. which JW wired to me the sell fell through and we ended up sitting on a laser but I had to borrow $5000 from my parents to pay it off because JW didnt have the funds. | There where alot ot these types of deals. | The one that killed me was a deal that Mike Moreno and JW set up. | They sold a gentleman in Canada a Lumenis XC400 and a Quantum for $54000. Neither one supposedly could not run a credit card so they asked me to run it through my paypal account and I would get paid a commision. He guaranteed me that nothing would go wrong. 6 months later the Client and paypal back charge my account the $54K because they never got the XC which JW claims its still in Customs but never got me proof of that and the Quantum they shipped was junk. | I have all emails from Mike Moreno and JW copied in from Mike SO JUSTIN and MIKE MORENO work together dont let anyone tell you different. | JW said he would get the items and I would be paid back in two weeks. 2 and half years later not a dime! but he says he cares about me and Im like a brother. | Now he just wants to settle but never makes the effort except about $500 a week if Im lucky. Which is interest to me. | I have ran many credit cards for him which items never got shipped and ended up back charging my account not my merchant services is screwed and I can no longer run credit cards. | I bought a Sciton which I asked JW if it was a good one he said by it. So I did. It got damaged in shipping which can happen and did. I asked a friend who he recommened to fix it. He told me Keith Stechow. | I got in contact with Keith and he told me where to ship it. I asked him to give me a price to repair which I never did. Justin said he would help because he wanted too. Once JW got invovled which he said he put $11,000 into the laser to get repaired. Keith says he never repaired it and sent JW all parts that where worth anything. All I have in my hands is A BBL hand piece. Keith says he has a bent shell and JW has all the parts. | JW says Keith has all the parts. | In my opion stay away from Keith Stechow as well. I am out $20,000 on this deal since they are all liers and crooks | Justin Williams is a VIRUS! I have lost thousands and my credit is gone! | DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these people you will end up getting screwed in the end!!! | Let me know if you would like to hear more about these CROOKS! I have PICS Bank Statements, Tax papers etc. Complete frauds!

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