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Published: 05 July 2019

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I took a truck into this Kal Tire location for repair of two tires. They fixed both tires at no charge, about a $50.00 value. When it came time to replace a tire on my car about a week later, I naturally went to this same store because they had treated us so well, and deserved repeat business. My experience could not have been more different. I walked in, handed my keys to the guy behind the register and said “I have a tire with a severe bald spot. Put on the cheapest tire you have that will fit the rim”. I knew the tire would not be cheap because my car has the low profile rims on it. After an hour (no, really. an hour) a different guy comes to me with a piece of paper and says “you came in for a repair. We can’t fix a bald tire, but here is a quote for two tires. You have some oddball tire on the other side that needs to be replaced, we’ll even do you a favor and buy back the other tire for $40.00”. Normally, the quote for $300 for two tires for my car would be great, but the problem is that the tire they wanted to buy for $40 was only a week old. I told the guy just put one tire on. He left, looking upset and offended. Twenty minutes later, i see my car out front. It is obviously done. I wait ten minutes, and go ask if I’m done. The guy at the register (another diferent guy) tells me that i had brought it in for a repair, but they couldn’t fix it. the cost for my tire was $200.00. I asked about the quote where the tires were $150. This guy had never heard of it and could not find the quote in the system, or the guy who had gone over it with me. He also told me that my power steering belt was fraying, and that my air conditioner belt wasn’t too good either. The problem here is that my car only has one belt to run all of the pulleys. He noticed my foriegn license plate and asked if i had come a long way. This should have clued me in to what had happened. My truck has BC licence plates, but my car has not been imported yet, and is registered in Utah. They tried to rob me because of my foreign license plate. .

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