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Published: 15 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Warning, The man known as Keith Gause born 4-16-1982 is a Jacksonville Sheriff officer and former airforce member. Gause appearantly left the airforce after not measuring up to there high standards in 2005. As with most rouge police officers they are former military REJECTS and the Jacksonville Sheriff Office is full of them. Now for my side of the story . On 4/27/2011 Keith guase was a back up officer when another crookett officer named RUDY R HATHAWAY lied on me trying to give me a fake stop sign ticket. gause taking the side of the officer walks up to me a unarmed man and bullys me hitting me in the left eye calling me a peice of S–T and throwing me agaisnt my car. cuffed me, never said what i was being arrested for. Then he and the other guy punched me in the back WHILE I WAS CUFFED and against the car. Gause then pulls me back, throws me on the hood of his car and then comes over and choaks me saying why cant i just f–king cooperate? im like dude whats your freaking problem and what did i do in the first place. He sits me up then proceed to ask what drugs am i on?? Yes you heard it, now im on drugs even though i have THE WHITEST TEETH none are missing, super clear facial skin, BUT IM ON DRUGS??? I said to him i never in my entire life used drugs before, he laughed, then said i must be on alcohol? I dont even drink soda. He placed me in his car 1016 at the time. And he mocked me while talking to other officers, a black officer was kind after i spoke with him and joined the mocking but was helping me out by saying im not a bad person while he was joking, finally gause walks over to the car and open the door and says what do i do for a living, it told him im laid off but normally security gaurd type stuff. He says im a lying sack of s–t and closed the door. The other back up officers had to eventually tell him i belong in hathaways 920 car because he wanted to take me to jail, bare in mind i never was read my rights!! He still kept mocking me for no apparent reason other than attention and making a complete fool of himself. Its a crying shame because i was a independent night scrapper on unemployment compensation and this was my little work for warefare appreciation so to speak as i donated goods to various thrift shops and sold what little items i could and some DEMON WITH A BADGE walks up and runs his mouth. gause(PICTURED) looks about 15 years older then he actually is and is bald headed, bare in mind he was only 29 at the time of this incident talking to me like im a little youth and i was born 11-6-1981!!! I guess we all know who does the smoking and drinking and it certainly isnt me. i guess he He thinks im soft, not knowing i have walked the mean streets of phoenix arizona with the baddest and all the gang violence, he is a nobody!! This is a DEMON OFFICER, the generation of the donut eating cop we made fun of is gone!! Now we are all stuck with these energy drink video game playing heavy metal listening devils from hell itself. yes they are our NEW AUTHORITY. most cops today have TATOOS just like Gause does. Shame would you want this freak to teach your kids in school? I remember when police officers use to come to the first graders class years back, they had NO tatoos and took off there hat when they entered a building and gave kids a example, but there only mistake or imperfections was they ate lots of donuts and drinked ten cups of coffea a day. and at worst listened to a “” cats and the cradles and the silver spoons”” type music. Bring back those kind of cops!!! Todays demons drink energy drinks use drugs, listen to hells bells, tatoos and peircings everywhere. And have the nerve to call themselves authority?? Kieth Gause is also a double life officer, one moment he is a good guy another moment he is ALLOWING drug dealers to sell drugs at Mathews crossings ( LIGHTHOUSE BAY) apartments in jacksonville. He gets drug money from them to pay for his failing pedophile business called BOUNCE AROUND JAX party rentals which he owns. But what customers dont know will hurt. Gause is a bankrupt drug smuggling, drug dealing criminal like all JSO cops in that arlington area sqaure mile from arlington rd up to regency area called SIN CITY. They pick on the geeks like myself who want to clean up the earth and drive old saabs/volvos but allow all the gang bangers and trailer parkers to do what they want!! Please if you read this, do not hire officer gause for any speaking events, security services or youth services, he is NO GOOD!! Lets hope the next time we hear about him its he has been arrested or PUT SIX FEET UNDER!! .

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