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Published: 06 September 2018

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I was approached to join QS2 in October 2013. QS2 is an insurance agency which utilized an MLM approach to hiring non-licensed agents. The idea is to hire agents, provide a financial needs assessment and sell them products, then teach them to do the same. I have an extensive background with insurance sales and agent recruiting. Therefore, I was offered an opportunity to participate in the company “”Stipend”” program. I would be compensated 10,000 a month for 3 month in exchange for recruiting and mentoring new agents. I signed a contract presented by Kelly Schnorenberg with the first payment due on November 1st, 2013. QS2 sent emails outling certain training/coaching webinars that were mandatory for all persons in the company who received stipends. I began attending these sessions towards the end of October and even spoke as a guest on one of the calls. At this point, I was committed to QS2 and even left a full time position in order to devote all my time and attention to the success of the program. I began work with a group of other individuals who were also recruited at the same time to join the stipend program. We planned large hiring events and began our recruiting efforts. However, we ran into a problem: November 1st came and went without the promised funds. This created an instant problem. We were counting on the money to fund our expenses for travel and overhead for the large hiring events we had planned. We contacted Kelly and was told funding would be available within a few days. We eventually had to cancel our first event because Kelly’s funding did not arrive. He always had a believeable story as to why there was a delay and to just be patient a few more days. Many of us chose to believe Kelly; however, we did begin to scale down our efforts which required funding. I continued to run ads and direct individuals to online hiring sessions. I even hired one individual. However, the days kept ticking away without Kelly honoring the terms of our contract. Even still, I attended all required webinars. As we grew closer to Thanksgiving, the promises grew more frequent. Tomorrow… Friday at the latest. Kelly even went as far as to offer to pay us an additional 1,000 for November to compensate for the tardiness of the payment. We finally received money on November 19th…but Kelly only sent 5k instead of the 10k which was owed. We were promised that the balance would be paid within a few days. On December 14,2013, QS2 held a Super Saturday event along with a special dinner on Friday evening. I attended this event with the intent of discussing the lack of payments with Kelly and the other QS2 executives. At this time, Kelly went around the room and asked several of the other leaders if they were on the stipend program. There were probably 15-20 people in the room who were on the program. He also asked if he sometimes paid them late – they all said yes. But, he also asked them if they always got paid. They agreed that he always paid. At this time, Kelly also said that if someone were going to leave, he would pay them the remaineder of the month anyway and wish them well. I personally spoke with Kelly as well as Jim Files and Dan Ahmed. Kelly assured me and two other people from my group we would be paid the next week. No payment was received. I continued to pursue Kelly and continued to receive promises of payment. I finally came to the decision that Kelly was not truthful and I could no longer be a part of QS2. I cancelled my 30 per month membership fee and requested that we settle our account. I emailed Kelly as well as the entire QS2 leadership group advising that I would accept the balance from November alone (5k) and walk away from the 20k balance due to me contractually. Kelly called me and promised he would pay me. In fact, he confirmed it 3 times. I told Kelly and QS2 that if this were not resolved by January 24, 2013, I would pursue other avenues including possible legal action and publicly sharing my complaint. I was told it would be handled…then, once again, nothing. I have postponed this complaint until January 28th to just give them one last opportunity. My advice to you if you are apporached by Kelly Schnorenburg/QS2 – RUN! Kelly is seeking investors across the country to invest 50k into their program with crazy promises of return. If it is not an illegal scam, it borderlines legallity and it is certainly unethical. QS2 tries to hide behind the fact that Kelly runs the stipend program and they have nothing to do with it. However, their own offical emails insist that you must attend their webinar trainings if you are on the stipend program. .

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