Ken Garff Nissan Salt Lake

Ken Garff Nissan Salt Lake

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Published: 15 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This was absolutely the worst car buying experience in my life. I have a long review on yelp. From the time I purchased it it was continual lies, continual lies from the sales team, the service people etc. They told me my air bags were not on recall 3 times when I told them they turned off when someone sat in the seat. They told me my car wasn’t one of the recalls, my transmission was going out prior to warranty and they told me to keep driving it until it got worse and they would take care of me, the mechanic was in a hurry to go to Vegas. I drove it in after the warranty even though I begged them to take the car to Vegas with the mechanic because it was slipping. Short story I drove it in with an occassional rev | and surge because I was worried they wouldn’t take care of me. There aparrently was a recall on the program in the transmission that was recalled when I took it in before the short warranty expired and they didn’t do it. They did it the last time I drove the car in and now the car will not even run and needed to be towed out. That is the short story. Full story in Yelp. They can’t erase the bad ones there. I have things that were under warranty that they never fixed. 3 weeks after buying the brand new Sentra it was towed back, they admitted when I was towing my car out the last time, the part they claimed was bad wasn’t the reason a brand new car sat broken for over 3 weeks it was because the mechanic broke the | clip on the driver side bag. I mentioned the transmission not being right at least 3 of the MANY times the car was back in their shop. Until the warranty was out they didn’t admit it was an issue. They want 4K to fix it. Again I drove it in, and it will not even run to drive it out. Towed home and it has been broken on the driveway for 3 months. they lied about my financing, my interest rate, the warranty, the items that should have been covered under warranty, the price of the car and the fact the salesman was getting fired if he didn’t sell a car that night. I have heard that many in that group when I bought my car have been fired for deceptive sales practices.I heard that from an ex-employee that said my story is | common. Oh when I get the money to fix it Tim Dahle Nissan quoted 3k to fix it. I will have it towed to them, with signs all over it and lettering on the windows that says KEN GARFF NISSAN REFUSE TO LISTEN! I have never had an experience like this ever buying a car. Buyer beware. They kept sending me out telling me my airbags were not on recall or broken. Ultimately everyone that sat in my passenger seat has been endangered because my car airbags were broke and recalled a long time ago. Also told them my gas tank leaked a little when it was topped off. Ask if there were any recalls they flat out said no. Yes it is under recall also. They have endangered everyone that has sat in my car. They should have | fixed the transmission under warranty. Also bought the brand new car with mangled molding on the rear door. 3 times I was called to take it in to fix it and they kept the car for a whole day each time. 2x they claimed they lost the part. The third time they forgot to fix it. It is still mangled I finally gave up. I need to take time to consult with an attorney to see if an attorney is interested or they think my best place is small claims court. But again first priority is getting my car running. They have offered nothing to help. Anyone buying a car at Ken Nissan in Orem, don’t expect honesty or decent service from the service department. I got a bad deal on the car, a totally different deal than I was promissed on the | financing, a bad deal on my trade. The car has been in there so many times I can’t count. They do’t want to fix anything under warranty. Their service prices are higher than any other places I checked, and the car transmission was going out before it even had 60K miles on it.

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