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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Hello everyone! NEVER BECOME MEMBERS of KEYSPIRE PROGRAM. Please read to the end, God knows this is the truth. Don’t Trust KEYSPIRE like I did!!! | I want to share my experience with Canadian company Keyspire. In the middle of February 2018 I saw the invitation to a free workshop in Fort Lauderdale Florida USA on my Facebook page and I showed up there because I wanted to have extra money for living ( I have been teaching kids my whole life at school. I have PhD in linguistics). After the free event, Keyspire sold me a 3 days workshop for 999$. In 2 weeks, I was on a real estate investments workshop with Keyspire. It was very new to me so I got interested, I believed each and every word. As a teacher myself, I believe in honest education. And that is what I was expecting from Keyspire team that presented themselves as experts. | All 3 days, they were funneling people towards buying their 20 000$ membership by giving us little bits and pieces of information and telling that there is a lot more to learn in their membership courses. They promised valuable education and Keyspire connections. I felt so safe with them so I borrowed money from my friends. Before making a payment of 20 000$, I asked Grant McDonald and Alfonso Cuadra how can I do this business if this is the only money what I can invest? They answered – no problem we will help you out. We will do join venture with you and you will make that 20 000$ back from your first deal. I am a teacher, I still believe that someone who is teaching must be decent and keep their promises. They gained my trust, so I bought the Keyspire membership. Keyspire promised – 1.make me successful in real estate business, me with professional connections. Let me tell you what I got for 20 000$ !!! | Online content – theoretical, nothing specific, haven’t been updated in along long time. Keyspire does not provide more knowledge and information than free content that you can find on the internet. | Keyspire connections turned only to the “success coach” on the other side of USA – state Utah who you can contact 12 times 20 minutes at a time during the YEAR( it is – 4 hours for the whole year of your work ). You guys know that every state has its own regulations and details. If you are a newbie like me, it very hard to navigate your way and not get lost in this complicated business without proper guidance. One mistake can cost you a fortune. How can a Canadian company with theoretical content and with a coach in Utah teach you about the tendency of local real estate market, the specific details of how to find motivated sellers and how to approach them? And by the way this is very competitive business. One hour late and your deal is gone!!! Can you be successful with this way of teaching???!! I know you can not because I have been through that. | Keyspire sells an opportunity to be a part of their network with all connections a person needs to make deals in real estate. During a 3 day workshop Alfonso Cuadra kept mentioning Keyspire preferred attorneys, Keyspire preferred contractors, Keyspire preferred title company, Keyspire preferred hard money lenders , Keyspire preferred real estate agents. They do not exist!!! When we asked for those people on Keyspire member dashboard, we did not receive any answer. Later our success coach told us to “go out there and find everything you need”. I also wrote a post on Keyspire Community Forum on March 16 inviting people to network and got ignored completely. In April I found a motivated seller and started to ask how to make it work but I couldn’t do it by myself – no one was by my side for my 20 000$. Keyspire family as they called themselves on a 3 day workshop in Fort Lauderdale turned out to be strangers from Canada who go around the states taking big money from people knowing that their product is not going to make a person who is a rookie in the business into a successful real estate investor. Which is what they advertise. | In 2 months, I realized that this program can not provide the services that they sold to me for 20 000$. I found myself learning a lot more from other free real estate education on the internet. You have to learn from people who are in the trenches with you. Local experts can teach you much more about the market, the strategies that work in your area and connections with real people that you can physically see and work with. Your local market tendencies can change every three months and you need to know how to adjust. It comes with experience, that you can not get from vague online courses. Keyspire does not provide services which they promised. I contacted Keyspire company in the beginning of May asking for a refund. I explained all my issues and frustrations in details, I talked to Nidhi Vij Member Services Coordinatoron May 4th and Jordan Cottenie Member experience leader on May 8th. Jordan Cottenie was laughing on the phone when I was explaining to him my situation. I can not believe that unprofessional and disrespectful behavior. He did not care for my wasted time and wasted 20 000$. He told me that Keyspire will make their decision in a week. On Monday May 14th I started calling and nobody was answering. On Tuesday May 15 Jordan Cottenie had a “full day lunch break”. Finally, I got him on the phone just so he can tell me that they can not refund my money and they can only continue their services. But I saw in previous reviews on Consumer Protection Agency fn the USA that they returned money to some people after 3-4 months of waiting. | To everyone who is reading my message please help me with your advice on what can I do in my situation. To everyone who wants to know more details before investing 20 000$ into Keyspire membership program please talk to me and I will show you exactly what it looks like. My email- [email& 160;protected] | Thank you very much for reading with respect to all of you guys, Inna Cheplygina Florida USA.

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