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The staff here was hateful towards me and my husband!

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Published: 26 June 2019

Posted by: Clifton

The staff at Kirkland Way Storage was hateful towards me and my husband. They pulled off heinous pranks on us, hid our stuff for a week and made me pay for an additional week of storage. Don’t trust these people. Kirkland Way Storage seemed like a great choice at first to me and my husband but this place is full of hateful and intolerant people. We are a homosexual couple and we’re used to facing hate for being different. But I didn’t think it’d go to this extent. I had rented a locker at Kirkland Way Storage to store some of my stuff. I had thought of finding another place but by the looks of their website and the number of their features made me think that it was the right place for keeping my belongings. I was really wrong. They claim to have advanced security measures in the place but when someone broke into our locker, they weren’t of any help. They told us that there wasn’t any theft at all. There were three boxes missing from my locker and there isn’t any other logical explanation for this issue. The staff there was always rude to me and my husband. At first, they didn’t seem to care but then they started to make harsh comments and hateful jokes. One of them told us that we shouldn’t worry about our stuff because it was too ‘feminine’.

And when our stuff got stolen from their lockers they kept telling us that we didn’t need to press charges against anyone or report the incident to police. According to them, they were looking into the matter. We later found out that it was a prank by a group of their staff members. I guess it was just to make our lives more difficult. It’s already so difficult to live when you’re a little unorthodox. When such incidents happen, I get tearful and really irritated at this world. They had us worried for a week. My husband was urging me to contact the authorities but the management at Kirkland Way Storage had assured us that it wasn’t a case of theft but a case of carelessness. The management might’ve been good but you only interact with the staff present there. And the staff present there is really rude, ruthless and careless. The way they pulled off that prank, it’s clear to me that this place is unsafe. It’s full of intolerant people. They apologized for doing all this but I wanted some compensation. They had made me pay for that additional week. Even though I had moved out my stuff, they told me that they’d refund me the sum later but it was necessary at the time due to policy. I paid them at the time but then later, I realized that this place is completely messed up. They didn’t give me any compensation, the apology was insincere and the staff was really rude. In total, our experience with Kirkland Way Storage was just terrible and nothing else.

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