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Published: 09 July 2019

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Kristen Erin Lindsey, Veterinarian Kills Defenseless Cat. Owners positive it is “Tiger” Kristen Lindsey, possibly the WORST veterinarian ever to walk the planet loves to kill things. Her words, not mine. Her hobbies include “finding things to kill”. On April 17, 2015, this lowlife coward, baited, trapped, then walked right up to a suffering pet cat and calmly shot it through the eye with an arrow. As the world is now well aware, Kristen then picked up the end of the arrow, with Tiger still dangling from it and had her mother Becky Lindsey, Treasurer of the Big Horn County in Wyoming snap a picture for Facebook!!! Kristen gave her mum a big, big smile, as she proudly held up her kill. Thing is, Tiger wasn’t dead yet. At the time the picture was taken, his limbs were still being held up by Tiger himself, in a futile effort to survive to the very end. WHAT parents raise a child to disregard the pets of others as fair game? What kind of parents throw a back yard killing party like this? And a VETERINARIAN does this? Comments left on Facebook and other social media sites, show quotes left by other animal professionals and one 30-year veteran veterinarian saying that after viewing countless dying and dead animals over their long career, Tiger was not dead at the time she held him up for all of Facebook to see. The world saw a photo of Tiger when he was taking his last breaths. Who Does This? What kind of monsters do mothers raise these days? Immediately, the local public in the U.S. became enraged. No one could understand, how a veterinarian, one who had taken an oath to shelter and protect ALL animals kill such an innocent like this and then, have the gall and audacity to actually be positively giddy over her actions. Not long after, news spread world wide, making Lindsey one of the most hated people ever. Pure. Evil. Lindesy quickly lost her job after telling all of social media this would never happen because she was “so awesome”. She greatly ruined the reputation of the clinic she worked at. This clinic, The Washington Animal Clinic in Brenham, Texas, most likely still may employ friends of Kristens that cheered her on Facebook after Tiger’s photo first appeared. The sheriff charged her with a felony. The D.A. in Austin County, Travis Koehn couldn’t have cared less about this case. Despite protesters and thousands of calls and emails to his office, he improperly presented this case to the grand jury and did not give them the evidence that he could have. This also enraged hundreds of thousands of animal lovers world wide and now news media suggests Mr. Koehn is being investigated for this now. WHY are people so lazy? WHY can’t they do their jobs? Dozens of petitions are online for all to sign asking the veterinarian board to permanently revoke Kristen’s license. Kristen is happily back on Facebook smiling for her friends. This is a non-person. This is a complete disaster of a woman and a waste of space on this planet. This is a cruel, deceitful sub-human dreg of society. Kristen Erin Lindsey should NEVER touch another animal ever again. Not professionally. Not. Ever. Be aware. Kristen Lindsey could be living in YOUR neighborhood. Protect your animals. Your perfectly healthy neutered/spayed cat or dog could be shot and killed by this creature at any time without remorse.

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