kristian Walters

kristian Walters

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Published: 14 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I emailed a cl add about buying tickets for the game and left my phone number in the message. The guy text me and I called him back. After speaking to him(Kristian Walters) 1-619-798-5834 and him sending me the stubhub confirmation email for his purchase of the tickets, he said he would transfer in my name once he was paid. He said to paypal him through friends and family and he gave me his paypal address. ad below: I went ahead and sent him the $2000. Paypal ended up blocking his account and he called to tell me I needed to call paypal and ask for a refund by disputing. Him and I went back and forth in text messages, phone calls with one another and with paypal and even had a 3way call withpay. I was assuming this was all legitimate as i’ve had paypal do the same thing to my account before. After about 5 hours of all this, paypal refunded my money and him and I discussed options on sending cash other ways. | Still seeming all legitimate. Then we came to the agreement I would send him through moneygram to Nevada. Still in contact by phone and texts, I paid with moneygram on my credit card totaling 2056.99. He had told me he had flown from Chicago to Vegas for a business trip thats why he couldn’t go to the game. I sent money and then he called telling me he was going to pick it up. He’d let me know once he recieved it and send me the ticket info. After 30 or so minutes went by I text him and he said because paypal closed his account down, stubhub was having issues with this transaction because he paid with paypal. It started to make no sense. As him and I went back and forth in text he left me a text stating he would know by 7:30 am if I could pick the tickets up at the window. He had called me and said if he couldn’t get the tickets he would refund my money. That’s the last I ever heard from him. I had an uneasy feeling so I immediately started texting him and calling to refund my money back immediately. NO response ever. This continued into the night at 12:30-1:00 am I called stub hub. After long conversation they said it was fraud. | I called money gram in the am and reported fraud. I called police dept and reported fraud in post falls and sparks nevada where the money was actually picked up not vegas. I continued to text Kristian over and over like 3000 emails for my money back and nothing. I have reported now with my wellsfargo credit card also which charged me 102.84 PLUS THE 2056.99. | Kristian 312-588-6581, and his best friend (702)-608-4777 have now been contacting me and also my local detective Mason is involved which Kristian called him and spoke to him, police report number 16pf24368 which has now been sent to the detective at Chicago PD.

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