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Published: 13 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

KSI Kitchen and Bath Fails to Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations We contracted with KSI Kitchen and Bath in Macomb MI for a laundry room remodel which included removing our laundry tub, rerouting pipes to drain the washer into basement pipes, taking our yr. and a half-old washer and dryer to the garage for temporary storage, installing new cabinets, bringing washer & dryer back in and stacking them (they had previously been side by side. Before the appliances were moved, I offered their installer, “Mike”, the clamps that the LG washer booklet said should be clamped on the washer tub before moving it. He declined, saying, “That’s just if you’re moving with a moving van.” I said, “Oh, ok, ” thinking, “He must know his business.” The last day of the remodel, I learned that Mike’s wife had been brought in to help him stack the dryer on top of the washer. It’s a small laundry room- I thought it must take quite a bit of effort to wrestle that machine up there. Everything looked beautiful. I was alone (husband out of town), doing some organizing in the basement when I decided to go upstairs to the laundry room and put the first “post-remodel” load in the washer in the lovely newly-remodeled space. I put some delicates in a net bag, made sure they were deep in, shut the door, chose the delicate cycle and started the washer. Everything started fine. I had never had any problem with this LG washer. I went back downstairs. Half an hour or so later, I realized water was pouring through my basement ceiling, water was pouring into the laundry room, into the foyer, and even onto the wood floor in the kitchen. I hit the power switch on the washer. It stopped the rinse cycle, but had no effect on the deluge. Water was pouring out of the closed door of the LG front loader! How could this be? I had “Mike’s” card & called him- it was almost 11 p.m. When I told him water was pouring out of the closed door of the washer, and not the new piping, he declined to come help. Bawling like a baby, I grabbed buckets and beach towels and blankets- everything I could find to soak up water. After the water got down low enough to open the washer door, I bailed the rest out with a beaker. My kitchen floor was still waterlogged, tiles in the basement were bulging, falling out of the ceiling onto precious family momentoes. Their Installation Mgr., “Ken” came out two days later & first implied the problem was a faulty seal on the washer door. He seemed hellbent on blaming me somehow. All I did was turn on the washer as I always had. There was nothing caught in the door. I theorized that the door of the washer may have been torked somehow, or that a hose in the back may have been squeezed, possibly? “Look Mike in the eyes & tell him you think he hurt your washer,” commanded Ken, the KSI installation mgr. What? I thought that was a patronizing and demeaning thing to say to me. I declined.I I found his manner patronizing and totally unsympathetic. He said he would send a repairman out to check out the machine. A seal failure was denied by a repairman from Doc’s Appliance Repair. The washer was subsequently put through parts of several cycles, by that repairman, and it didn’t happen again. The repairman never unstacked the machines, however, to see if there was a problem back there. We declined to pay the remaining $600 on the remodel to KSI- we submitted a claim to our home insurance agency. We knew the damage was vast. Everything had to be removed from our finished basement, the floor there ripped out. We had to move out for the kitchen furniture to be removed and that floor to be refinished. The total claim amounted to $22,000. It happened in June of 2013 and some of our basement furniture is still in the restoration co.’s warehouse. My husband is 81 and not able to help with the numerous boxes that still need to be unpacked down there and in the garage. Main headquarters of KSI had “Pat” ,some kind of rep., call me periodically to ask how things were going with the repairs. Eventually, she said, “What can we do?” I said, “Refund the $5,000 we paid for the remodel”- little enough repayment for the stressful nightmare this year has been. She never called again. I guess she really was only trying to see if we would litigate. They never had any real empathy or even sympathy for our plight. Maybe they could replace the tub that my elderly husband can barely get into- replace it with a nice tiled shower? I won’t hold my breath Do you think KSI Kitchen and Bath is a moral company?

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